US talks with Kyrgyz authorities to help organize elections

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WASHINGTON, October 28. / TASS /. The United States is in constant contact with the new Kyrgyz authorities to assist in the holding of parliamentary elections in 2021 and to combat corruption in the republic. This was announced on Wednesday by First Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Jonathan Henick, who is in charge of South and Central Asia.

According to him, the US expects "free and fair voting." "The authorities must continue to fight the influence of organized crime and corruption on the electoral process," he said, speaking at a videoconference of the American Institute for Peace. "We call on all of Kyrgyzstan's neighbors and international partners to respect the country's sovereignty, which the United States intends to do," Henick said. pandemic (novel coronavirus) ".

The spokesman for the State Department said that the United States has watched with concern the events in the republic over the past three weeks. "As we can see, the political situation has stabilized somewhat, the country's leadership is focused on difficult tasks, including holding new elections, economic recovery and the fight against the coronavirus pandemic," Henik said.

He did not agree with the sounded opinions that "the West, especially the United States, contributed to the latest events in the republic." “I assure you that this is absolutely not the case. We support the sovereignty and democratic form of government in this country,” said the State Department official. ".

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