Azerbaijan sent a request to the ECHR to take measures against Armenia

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PARIS, October 27. / TASS /. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) received on Tuesday a request from Azerbaijan to take interim measures against Armenia in connection with the armed conflict. This is stated in the widespread statement of the international court.

"The ECHR received on Tuesday (October 27 – TASS comment) a request for interim measures filed by Azerbaijan against Armenia, in which the Azerbaijani government asks the court to indicate to the Armenian government in accordance with Rule 39 of the Rules of Court (interim measures) the following. First, to stop shelling of shells and rockets from their own territory and the occupied territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan of residential areas, public buildings, cemeteries and other civilian infrastructure on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, "the communique says.

Secondly, the ECHR, according to Azerbaijan, should demand from Armenia "to stop military, political, financial and other support of criminal" authorities "in the occupied territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan." Third, "to stop sending its armed units, military equipment and equipment, as well as the so-called volunteers <...> to the sovereign territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan and refrain from inviting their (Armenian) and foreign citizens to the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. "

The fourth and fifth demands call on Armenia to "withdraw the armed forces and militants illegally deployed on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan" and "refrain from pursuing a policy of hatred towards the Republic of Azerbaijan and its citizens."

As reported by the ECHR, the petition registered as "Azerbaijan against Armenia" received the number 47319/20 and "will be considered in the near future."

At the same time, the court recalled that on September 29, 2020, in the case "Armenia v. Azerbaijan" (no. 42521/20), it had already called on both Azerbaijan and Armenia "to refrain from taking any measures, in particular military actions, which may lead to constitutes a violation of the conventional rights of the civilian population, including putting their life and health at risk. " The ECtHR also called on both sides "to comply with their obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights, especially with regard to Article 2 (right to life) and Article 3 (prohibition of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment)."

The communiqué also recalls that, in accordance with Rule 39 of the Rules of Court, the ECHR can indicate the need for interim measures to any state party to the convention. Interim measures are called interim measures, which, according to the established practice of the court, are applied only in cases where there is an immediate risk of causing irreparable harm.

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