Over 68 million people voted early in the US elections

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NEW YORK, October 27. / TASS /. More than 68 million US citizens voted early in the upcoming November general elections. The corresponding calculations were published on Tuesday on the United States Elections Project portal, created by Professor Michael MacDonald of Florida State University.

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In total, according to his information, 68,594,113 people have already voted early in the United States.

Texas remains the leading state in terms of the number of early voters in the elections, where 7,802,505 Americans have already voted. It is followed by the states of California (7,402,302), Florida (6,427,773) and North Carolina (3,411,850). The number of those who made their choice ahead of schedule exceeds a million in at least 16 states, including Georgia, Virginia, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington, Massachusetts, and New York.

The upcoming November 3 general election in the United States will elect a president and vice president, 35 senators, all 435 members of the House of Representatives, 13 governors of states and territories, and local government representatives. Republican Trump and Democrat Biden are fighting for the presidency. To win, a candidate needs to secure 270 out of 538 electoral college votes. The number of electors on the college is equal to the total number of members of the Senate (100) and House of Representatives (435) of the US Congress. In addition, three representatives from the Metropolitan Federal District of Columbia have been introduced into it. The inauguration of the US President will take place on January 20, 2021.

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