Missiles sold to Taiwan: Beijing will sanction US companies

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The United States said Monday it approved the sale of 100 Harpoon coastal defense systems to Taiwan for an estimated $ 2.4 billion, as Beijing rages over an arms sale to the island announced this week. last.

The proposed transaction improve Taiwan's defense capabilitiesThe State Department noted in announcing the decision, even though China announced on Monday that it would take sanctions against American companies involved in previous arms sales to Taiwan, which it considers an integral part of its territory.

The transaction involves 100 Harpoon Coastal Defense Batteries (HCDS), which can count up to 400 RGM-84L-4 missiles, with a maximum range of 125 km.

These missiles manufactured by the defense division of Boeing can be parked on fixed platforms or mounted on trucks.

The United States considers it a priority to counter the influence of China in the Asia-Pacific region. They also want to give Taiwan a credible defense capacity against a potential invasion by the Chinese army.

Last Wednesday, Washington announced arms sales to Taiwan for $ 1.8 billion, including 135 next-generation Slam-ER coastal defense missiles, which, unlike the Harpoon, have a range greater than the width of the Strait of Taiwan, which separates the island from China.

Lockheed Martin and Boeing in Beijing's sights

China first called on the United States last week to to cancel this sale to avoid further damaging relationships between the two countries.

Without a response from Washington, Beijing on Monday announced sanctions against US arms companies, individuals and entities that behaved badly during this sale.

The arms giants Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and the defense branch of Boeing are particularly concerned.

Taiwan is populated by some 23 million people. It has been ruled for 75 years by a regime that took refuge there after the communists seized power in mainland China during the Chinese civil war.

The People's Republic of China considers the island territory as one of its provinces and threatens to use force in the event of a formal proclamation of independence or external intervention, especially American.

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