The electoral campaign in the United States enters the final stretch with the unbridled pandemic | USA elections

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Trump at a campaign rally in Lititz, Pennsylvania.LEAH MILLIS / Reuters

The pandemic is rampant in the United States, with new records, in the final stretch of the presidential campaign. Last Sunday, the United States added 68,954 cases of coronavirus in a single day, according to the Covid Tracking Project group. But last Friday, those affected by covid-19 exceeded 82,600, displacing the highest figure that corresponded to last July 23, with 66,844 infected. Despite the rebound, President Donald Trump woke up this morning with a Twitter fury declaring: "The fake news media will not stop crying out covid, covid, covid between now and election day. "Losers!" The numbers have been growing since the beginning of October and are exceeding the capacity of hospitals throughout the country in the same way that happened in April in New York.

The Republican maintains that, if there are more cases, it is because more tests are being done. “We do TEST, TEST and more TEST. It is a conspiracy of the media. Many young people heal very quickly. 99.9%. The conspiracy of the media is very high all the time. On November 4, the matter will change completely, ”Trump said while inviting the population to vote.

The president lives oblivious to contagions and the more than 225,000 deaths and follows his intense electoral roadmap, intensified in the absence of eight days until November 3, when it will be decided who will occupy the White House for the next four years. Trump had a grasshopper trace on Monday in the State of Pennsylvania, where according to the average of polls carried out by Real Clear Politics, Joe Bide leads the polls with 49.8% compared to 44.9 for Trump. Those numbers are more than enough to explain the president's frenzy in Biden's home state. In 2016, Trump seized Pennsylvania from HIllary Clinton by 44,292 votes, a 0.72 percent difference in the Republican's victory, the narrowest margin within a presidential election in that state in 176 years.

Trump knows that part of his trump card these days in front of his dedicated followers is to minimize the pandemic and exalt the economic challenges that have begun and that four more years will allow him to conclude, at the same time fueling the fear of "socialism" that is to come if Joe Biden arrives at the White House.

With three different stops in Pennsylvania (Allentown, Lititz and Martinsburg) as soon as he touched down in that state, President Donald Trump declared to the press regarding the covid-19 that the trend was about to change and the virus was defeated. "We are about to turn the corner," said the president, without any scientific data to support such a bold statement and with the reality of the increase in infections hitting American society hard.

The president continued his string of accusation to all the media that are not favorable to him (all except the FOX network) of telling false news about the pandemic, despite the fact that the figures say that more than 225,000 people have died in the United States of a virus that Trump insists on calling "the virus of China." The infected North Americans amount to more than eight and a half million. Today, The New York Post, the New York City tabloid newspaper, the birthplace of tycoon Donald Trump, has given its unwavering support in its editorial to the president to revalidate four more years in the White House. The newspaper asks for the vote for the Republican because it considers that with Trump the economic recovery after the pandemic will be stronger and faster, just as it was before the coronavirus crisis. "We can return to the explosive job creation, rising wages and general prosperity that we had before the pandemic," explains the newspaper, which is confident that the president will leave behind "the annus horribilis 2020”.

The stock market fell this Monday with investors on Wall Street reacting to the latest great wave of coronavirus cases in the United States, with almost 69,000 new infections last Sunday, and the famous economic aid package at a standstill due to partisan struggles, leaving fate to businesses struggling to survive and millions of Americans out of work due to the pandemic.

The S&P 500 stock index is down more than 2.5%, its biggest decline since late September. Monday's decline, added to a small decline from last week, means the S&P 500 is close to losing all the gains it has accumulated since the beginning of October.

Meanwhile, the White House environment remains in the focus of the contagion of covid-19, with at least five positives in the inner circle of Vice President Mike Pence, who is precisely in charge of coordinating the response to the pandemic. Eight days before the elections, however, no one wants to hear about slowing down the campaign or suspending events. The White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, has appealed to privacy issues to defend that no more details of the outbreak or more names of who could be infected are offered.

Asked about the lack of masks at campaign events, Meadows has come to say on CNN that the Government is giving up trying to prevent the spread of the virus and that it places all hopes of improving the situation on the improvement of treatments and the arrival of a vaccine. "We are not going to control the pandemic," Meadows said. "We are going to control the fact that we will have vaccines and treatments." The pandemic cannot be stopped, he added, "because it is a contagious virus like the flu."

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