New evidence emerges in attempted kidnapping of Michigan governor

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NEW YORK, October 27. / TASS /. The US Attorney's Office is asking the court to provide additional time to study such new evidence in the case of the attempted kidnapping of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer as explosive devices and firearms. This was reported on Monday by the Detroit Free Press, citing Assistant US Attorney Nils Kessler.

"Firearms and explosive devices have recently been discovered and need to be examined to determine if the defendants fall under the articles of the National Firearms Act," he explained. "The FBI has collected several hundred hours of audio tapes from confidential sources and undercover agents. These materials have not yet been fully processed," Kessler added.

He applied for a 40-day extension of the detention of six of the 14 people arrested in the case. The prosecutor's office wants to get time at least until December 16, the newspaper said.

Earlier this month, US authorities detained at least 14 people on charges of plotting the kidnapping of Whitmer and other officials. According to US media reports, the attackers, who are members of two extremist groups, were extremely unhappy with the sanitary measures introduced in Michigan in connection with the spread of the new coronavirus. US President Donald Trump has criticized some of these measures and Whitmer herself in recent days. In particular, he has repeatedly stated that Whitmer should be "locked up."

Michigan is one of the American states where voting results will play a key role in the outcome of the upcoming US presidential elections. Whitmer is a Democrat, Trump is a Republican. The US general election will be held on November 3. They will elect the president and vice president, all 435 members of the House of Representatives and a third of the Senate of Congress, governors of 13 states and territories.

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