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It was one of the symbols of the first weeks of the pandemic. The supermarkets of half the world accused a voracious desire of their customers to stockpile toilet paper. Now the Austrian postal service has announced that it will be printing stamps on the same material that was so precious a few months ago.

"The toilet paper for domestic use was out of stock for a long time and it was difficult to get it in sufficient quantities," said the public company, in a message reproduced by the DPA agency, which partly reproduces Deutsche Welle.

The new stamps show the image of a small elephant, something that in Austria has been used to symbolize the social distance of one meter to avoid the spread of the virus. Postage is sold in 10-centimeter-wide sheets, one-tenth that distance, and paper, like many toilets, is three-ply. "If you put together 10 stamp sheets one after another, you mark the distance of one meter, which is also the length of a baby elephant," the Österreichische Post company pointed out. The Guardian.

The sheet that includes the stamp shows, in addition to the image of the elephant, that of a mouse, a fly and an ant, to represent different distances. On the part of the seal itself is the motto "Distanz, die uns verbindet" ("The distance that connects us", in German).

The new type of postage will be sold at twice its printed value, for a total price of 5.5 euros. 2.75 will go to philanthropy.

It is not the first time that the Austrian postal company has made a nod to the present with its stamps, says Reuters. In January, it printed one that showed the UK's initial date of departure from the European Union, March 29, 2019, crossed out and corrected by January 31, as a nod to long negotiations.

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