The "Opposition Platform – For Life" announced many violations on election day

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KIEV, October 25. / TASS /. A large number of violations of electoral rights are recorded in Ukraine on Sunday at local elections. This was announced on Sunday by the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, a member of the "Opposition Platform – For Life" faction in parliament Nestor Shufrich.

"Unfortunately, we continue to observe systemic violations of electoral legislation <…>… There are a lot of violations on election day, "the politician said. In particular, Shufrich said, in Kropyvnytskyi and one of the settlements of the Donetsk region, facts of" re-grading "of ballots were revealed – when ballots were brought to polling stations from other sites. In Sumy region, an attack was committed against one of the candidates for the local council, which is a criminal offense, he said.

"The electoral process in Mariupol was on the verge of collapse. Ballots for elections of deputies of local councils were extinguished, which were (erroneously) invalidated. Ballots for elections of the mayor were mistakenly destroyed at three polling stations," Shufrich said.

He also informed that many citizens of the country express their outrage in connection with the so-called all-Ukrainian poll, initiated by the President of the country Volodymyr Zelensky. Shufrich said that the facts have already been established when the same person took part in the survey several times. "All this looks like a manipulation and will receive due assessment," the politician stressed.

He added that as of 11:00, the overall turnout in the country was 8.9%, which, according to Shufrich, coincides with the data of the CEC of Ukraine. Moreover, in the Chernivtsi region and Kiev, "a catastrophically low turnout." Citizens voted most actively on Sunday morning in the Kherson region – a turnout of 14%, Sumy and Kirovograd – 10% each.

Shufrich previously stated that the parties would conduct a parallel vote count in order to "identify and counteract possible fraud in the processing of election results."

Elections in Ukraine

On Sunday in Ukraine, a vote is held in local governments. Polling stations operate throughout the country, except for the part of Donbass not controlled by Kiev and several areas adjacent to the contact line. The Ukrainians will have to elect deputies to 22 regional councils, 381 city councils, 136 district councils, more than 1,000 village councils, as well as mayors of most Ukrainian cities, heads of villages and townships. Voting will end at 20:00 (21:00 Moscow time).

When leaving the polling stations, citizens of the country, at the initiative of Zelensky, were asked to answer five questions: is it necessary to introduce life imprisonment for corruption on an especially large scale, is it necessary to create a free economic zone in the territories of Donbass controlled by Kiev, is it worth reducing the number of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada from 450 to 300, whether it is necessary to allow the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes and whether the issue of the implementation of the Budapest Memorandum of Safeguards should be brought to the international level.

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