Ombudsman spoke about violations during local elections in Ukraine

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KIEV, October 25. / TASS /. About 50 reports of violations during local elections in Ukraine were recorded by representatives of the institution of the Verkhovna Rada ombudsman for human rights. Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova said this at a briefing on Sunday.

"Today, as of 11:30 (12:30 Moscow time) (representatives of the monitoring of the Ombudsman) recorded 46 reports of violations. Most of all, pensioners reported violations – 50%, people with disabilities – 10%, and candidates for deputies of local councils – 5 % ", – Denisova informed. She clarified that people paid attention to advertisements on election day, which is prohibited by law, some complained about their refusal to vote, some people noted errors in the voter lists, as well as the untimely opening of polling stations. "The largest number of complaints came from the Dnipropetrovsk region, Kiev, Donetsk, Lvov (regions)," the ombudsman clarified.

Denisova added that, in addition to fixing reports of violations received from the population, representatives of the authorized representative are monitored directly at polling stations. “We checked 105 polling stations in all regions, as well as 13 special precincts,” she said. Denisova said that of this number, more than 85% of polling stations were inaccessible for voting for people with disabilities, 21% of polling stations do not conduct temperature screening, and some do not have separate voting booths for people with signs of illness. "The worst situation is in Kiev and Luhansk regions," she stated.

Regarding the all-Ukrainian poll, initiated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and organized in parallel with the voting, Denisova noted that it was taking place without obvious violations. "There is no advertising, volunteers who interview people are not at the polling stations and interview when a person leaves it," she said. At the same time, the Ombudsman said that not all people have the opportunity to take part in the survey. "About 35% of polling stations do not have such polls," Denisova said.

On Sunday in Ukraine, a vote is held in local governments. Polling stations operate throughout the country, except for the part of Donbass not controlled by Kiev and several areas adjacent to the contact line. The Ukrainians will have to elect deputies to 22 regional councils, 381 city councils, 136 district councils, more than 1,000 village councils, as well as mayors of most Ukrainian cities, heads of villages and townships. Voting will end at 20:00 (21:00 Moscow time).

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