Media: Greece extended its entry permit to 500 Russians per week until November 8

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ATHENS, 25 October. / TASS /. The Greek authorities have extended until November 8 the permit to enter the country up to 500 Russians a week if those who enter the country have a negative coronavirus test and a voucher with confirmation of a hotel reservation. This decision was reported by the Greek Civil Aviation Authority on Sunday by the Athens Macedonian News Agency (AMNA).

A similar decision was in effect from September 7 to 21. The second time it was extended until October 5, the third time – until October 12, the fourth – until October 25. However, in the absence of both direct flights between Russia and Greece, and charters, the decision is essentially formal and does not make it possible to arrange the arrival of Russian tourists to Greece.

The decision was extended on the same terms as the previous ones. It allows Russian citizens to enter Greece exclusively by air through the airports of Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion (Crete). At the same time, residents of the Russian Federation must comply with a number of conditions. First of all, they must have a negative laboratory test for coronavirus by PCR, obtained 72 hours before their arrival in Greece. The test can be done in public or private laboratories, provided that these private laboratories are certified by a competent national authority.

Arriving must have a certificate of diagnosis in English, which contains the name, surname, passport number. It must be presented to employees of the General Secretariat of Civil Protection of Greece and the National Public Health Organization, who are engaged in random medical screening of passengers at airports.

Arrivals must also complete the electronic PLF (Passenger Locator Form) at, indicating their contact details in Greece, the day before arrival in the country. Confirmation of the completion of the electronic PLF form, which is automatically sent as an electronic message to the passenger by the system, is considered a necessary travel document. Airlines must check its presence before boarding a passenger, in case of violation they will be obliged to repatriate the passenger at their own expense. A valid PLF form with a QR code is considered a required document for entry at any entry point in the country.

Upon arrival, citizens of the Russian Federation may be asked to pass a new test for coronavirus on a random basis. In this case, the citizen, prior to the issuance of the laboratory test results, must not leave the declared place of his temporary residence for preventive purposes.

There are no Russian tourists yet

Aeroflot and the main Greek airline Aegean Airlines have suspended regular flights from Russia to Greece and back since March due to the situation with the coronavirus. During this time, only export flights were carried out. According to local travel companies, the tourist season in Greece ends, there are practically no tourists from Russia.

The coronavirus situation in Greece, 11 million, is under control, although in recent weeks the number of infected has hit one anti-record after another. On October 24, it was announced an increase in this number per day by 935, this is the maximum increase in 24 hours since the beginning of the pandemic. Prior to this, the maximum daily increase in the number of infected in the country was recorded on October 22 (882 cases), October 21 (865) and October 20 (667). The total number of those infected on October 24 reached 29,992, 564 people have died in the country since the beginning of the epidemic. Recently, the authorities have been forced to reintroduce restrictions for certain regions.

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