Greek Foreign Ministry says Turkey's new maritime alert violates international law

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ATHENS, 25 October. / TASS /. Turkey's new Navtex Maritime Alert for the seismic survey carried out by the Oruc Reis accompanied by a group of warships within the Greek continental shelf south of Rhodes violates international law. This is stated in a statement released on Sunday by the Greek Foreign Ministry.

Turkey on Sunday night issued another international alert, Navtex, stating that Oruc Reis will conduct seismic surveys in the Eastern Mediterranean south of Rhodes and south and southeast of Karpathos until November 4. Thus, the study area shifted to the southwest from the Greek island of Kastelorizo. Ankara previously announced that it will conduct research in this area from October 12 to 22, then extended the work until October 27.

The Greek Foreign Ministry notes that "the release by the Turkish side of a new illegal notification Navtex, through which it reserves the sea area in the area of ​​the Greek continental shelf south of Rhodes for the purpose of conducting illegal seismic research, once again shows that Turkey, with its ongoing escalation of provocative actions and delinquency completely ignores the basic norms of international law. "

"It behaves like a rogue state that wants to destabilize the region and dramatically increase tensions. This illegal action prevents any attempt to de-escalate," the ministry said in a statement.

At the same time, the Foreign Ministry emphasizes that "the repetition of the illegal actions of the Turkish side, which completely contradict the constant calls of the international community, including the recent conclusions of the European Council on an immediate cessation of such actions, further exposes the Turkish side."

“Greece unequivocally condemns this unacceptable behavior, which essentially further delays the prospect of constructive dialogue, and calls on Turkey to immediately withdraw the illegal Navtex notice it issued early this morning. In this context, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias instructed the Turkish side to immediately file a protest, and also inform allies and partners about Turkey's ongoing provocative behavior, ”the statement said.

Meanwhile, according to Greek TV channel Sky, the Greek Navy Hydrographic Service Station in Heraklion, Crete, issued a naval notice on Sunday to cancel the Turkish Alert (anti-Navtex), reminding Ankara that it "has no jurisdiction in a particular area where the Greek station is responsible for the transmission of maritime navigation alerts. "

The Greek maritime notice says the activities that Ankara has approved "are unauthorized and illegal as they are conducted on the Greek continental shelf."

Problems between Greece and Turkey

Greece does not recognize the memorandum of understanding concluded in November 2019 by Ankara with the Tripoli-based government on the delimitation of maritime zones between Turkey and Libya. According to the Greek Foreign Ministry, the document, which contains the coordinates for the actual delimitation of the sea shelf and the exclusive economic zones of Turkey and Libya, deprives the Greek islands, which are located between Turkey and Libya, of the right to the continental shelf and exclusive economic zones. In turn, Greece concluded this summer with Italy and Egypt agreements on the delimitation of sea zones. Ankara said it did not recognize the Greek-Egyptian agreement and sent its research vessel Oruc Reis, accompanied by a group of warships for seismic exploration, on the Greek offshore shelf off Kastelorizo.

On October 12, this vessel sailed for the second time into the exploration area, which reaches 6.5 nautical miles from the coast of this island. Oruc Reis is guarded by a group of Turkish warships, and it was already approaching Kastelorizo ​​at a distance of 9-14 nautical miles. After the withdrawal of Oruc Reis from Antalya and Turkish ships from bases, Greece again brought its navy and air force to combat readiness, declaring that it would defend its sovereign rights.

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