#Biden called Russia the main threat to the United States

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US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party Joe Biden expressed the opinion that at the moment the main threat to the United States is Russia, and China is the main competitor.

“I think the biggest threat to America now, in terms of the destruction of our security and our alliances – Russia”, – said Biden in an interview to CBS News.

“Secondly, I think China is the biggest competitor. And depending on how we deal with it, it will be decided whether we are rivals or we end up in more intense competition related to strength,” he added.

Biden reiterated that Trump “hugs every dictator.”

“There is a situation in Korea (DPRK – IF), where they have more lethal missiles and more capabilities than before. (…) There is a situation in the Persian Gulf, where Iran is closer to (…) nuclear weapons than they were before, “the Democratic candidate said.

He added that Trump’s behavior is causing NATO allies to turn their backs on the US because they “cannot count on us.”

Unlike Biden, Trump often reproaches his opponents and journalists for overemphasizing the threat from Russia and underestimating the danger China poses to the United States.

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