Two people die after US Navy plane crashes in Alabama

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A United States Navy plane that took off from Florida crashed in an Alabama neighborhood near the Gulf Coast of this country,  killing two people on the plane, according to authorities.

Zach Harell, a spokesman for the Armed Forces command, said the people, who were in military training, were killed, and the identity of the two officers is unknown. So far there are no injuries in the incident.

Fire Chief Joey Darby said the scene was on fire when they arrived and there were severely damaged cars around. The firefighters managed to put out the fire.

The accident occurred in South Mobile, a city near Foley and the town of Magnolia Springs. The fire marshal called the neighborhood a densely populated residential area. Firefighters were not injured.

The plane had flown from Naval Station Whiting Field, about 30 miles northeast of Pensacola, Florida.

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