Russian-speaking Americans told who they intend to vote for in the US presidential elections

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NEW YORK, October 24. / Corr. TASS Natalia Slavina /. Russian-speaking Americans traditionally maintain an active political position and intend to take part in the upcoming November 3 general elections. At the same time, the most sympathetic they are, as a rule, is the current US President Donald Trump, for whom they are going to vote. This was the result of a poll conducted by a TASS correspondent among about 30 former compatriots living in 15 states of the country. About 60-70% of respondents spoke out unequivocally in favor of the leader of the Republican Party.

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Victoria Tunick from Chicago, Illinois notes: "Why do I support Trump? Who would have thought in 2016 that this man – sometimes rude, sometimes narcissistic, but definitely charismatic – will determine the fate of Western civilization in 2020. I believe that that he brilliantly conducted the last election campaign – some hated him, others adored him.I, being a registered Republican, voted against him in 2016, my chosen one in the primaries was Ted Cruz (senator from Texas – TASS comment). But what happened farther?"

“Democrats boycott the inauguration of the legally elected president and the very next day they start working for impeachment, and this is a clear undermining of the foundations of a democratic society,” Victoria emphasized. , unemployment is falling. Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises to strengthen borders, help Israel, a partial withdrawal of troops and others. "

“The Democratic Party, realizing that it is losing, goes to extreme measures and organizes strikes that are far from peaceful in nature,” Victoria Tunick believes. destruction, looting, violence. And now people are afraid to say openly that "all lives are important," that they support Trump, although he, by the way, is the current president. " "It turns out how easy it is to intimidate us and even destroy freedom of speech – the main achievement of Western civilization." That is why, Victoria believes, the Democratic Party can now be called a "leftist radical party" and Donald Trump "the guarantor of the capitalist path of development."

The thoughtless "social" of the democrats

Nadezhda Nikonorova from Derby, Connecticut also intends to cast her vote for the current president. "Trump wants to return business to the country, open more jobs, reduce the provision of benefits to those who can, but do not want to work, and intends to continue to sit on the neck of the state. I think he will not make vaccination (against coronavirus) mandatory, which the Democrats want, "she suggested. "In addition, Trump, as far as I understand, has drawn certain conclusions from the current epidemic and promises to make drugs available to people, and not a means of enriching insurance companies. Now, if you do not have insurance, you cannot just buy the necessary drugs at the pharmacy – you must first go to the doctor, and each such visit costs at least $ 300-500, and this is just for you to be prescribed medication, "Nikonorova explained." If the Democrats come to power, then there will be a repetition of Obama's rule with his thoughtless "social media" and financial policy , taxes will grow again, help to illegal immigrants and idlers at the expense of us – those who work and honestly pay taxes. "

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Marina Shkaberina from Taylor (Michigan) also supports her position. Observing the current situation in the United States, she sees "a terrifying picture of what is happening in the social sphere." “The democrats have brought the country to a state where receiving money from the state, giving birth to children every year and not wasting time on raising them, has become the ultimate dream of the younger generation, is it not horror?” She said. “A working person has less than a lazy person with food stamps (coupons for free food – approx. TASS). Trump is a "good kick" that says: tear yourself off the couch and you will have what you want. " "I want to live according to the law, and not according to the concepts that the Democrats offer me. And the law should be the same for everyone. Therefore, Trump is unambiguous in the current elections."

Trump is more beneficial for Russia

Igor from Fair Lawn, New Jersey will also vote for Donald Trump. In an interview with a TASS correspondent, he drew attention to the fact that "there is a big difference between the behavior, the words of Trump and his actions." “Despite being very grumpy and disagreeable, the president is implementing standard conservative policies that are not extreme,” he said. “He has cut taxes, reduced government bureaucracy, and is actively pushing back pro-socialist strata of society. Also conservative. For four years, Trump has not unleashed a new war and is actively withdrawing the United States from existing hot conflicts. At the same time, he destroyed ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia – TASS) and strongly supports Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. " …

Catherine from Simoul, Florida, like her American-born husband, is also sympathetic to the current president. "I am against raising taxes and for the abolition of Obamacar (the Obamacare health insurance system introduced by Barack Obama – TASS). Besides, Democrats are more aggressive in anti-Russian rhetoric," she stressed.

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"From an ideological point of view, Trump will pursue goals inherent in conservative politics – reducing the state and bureaucratic apparatus, tax burden, encouraging entrepreneurship," says Georgy Selinsky from New York. "In the field of social policy, this is support of law and order, the fight against leftist terrorism, specific "racial politics", which Democrats are pushing under the guise of "racial justice." From a geopolitical point of view, Trump is in favor of reducing aggressive intervention in foreign conflicts, which has always been for his opponent Biden. " "As a Russian American, I am also very worried that Biden's victory will definitely bring tougher sanctions against Russia and confrontation with it around the world, and NATO expansion." Selinsky also opposes Joseph Biden's support for the "Ukrainian oligarchic order, with which his son Hunter collaborated."

"Although Trump is limited in his ability to improve relations with Russia, he certainly will not go for harsh actions and blame Russia for all political failures – as the Democrats are doing now and as Nazi politicians did in their time towards Jews," he said. "It is also important for me that Donald Trump will not encroach on the second amendment to the Constitution on the right to own weapons, which I consider to be one of the fundamental rights of free people," George said.

Democrats must unite the nation

Edward Sorsher from New York has a completely different opinion. “I have been in the Democratic Party since 2002, but in the presidential elections I always vote not on a party basis, but on a personal basis,” he notes. “For example, I have never voted for Obama. In addition, I don’t consider Biden a successful candidate either. but I will vote against Trump – a person with such moral qualities cannot be president of the United States. " According to Edward, Donald Trump "does not care about the interests of America and the Americans, which confirms the failure of the nationwide coordination of efforts to limit the number of diseases and deaths from coronavirus, does not care about the problems of medicine and the economy." "His goal is to be re-elected for a second term as an opportunity to avoid responsibility for his misdeeds and nothing more," he said. Sorsher expects from the arrival of Joseph Biden to efforts to unite the nation, which was split, in his opinion, because of the policies of the incumbent president.

Some of those interviewed admitted that 2020 forced them to reconsider their previous views. So, Elena Sokolovskaya from New York noticed that before the current elections she was rather apolitical, like many Americans. "I only formally considered myself a Republican and voted for the Republican Party before. It's hard to say why, but they seem to be clearer to me than Democrats, and Republicans are better as business executives. There is more sense and order from the mayors of cities – Republicans, their management much more practical, they are workhorses with clear deeds, "Sokolovskaya explained.

"But what is happening now in the White House, for me began to resemble a circus with clowns, and the circus should remain within the walls of the tent, and not rule the country. Corruption, nepotism, the introduction of their judges and their will into all levels of government, and this is arrogant and loudly, without hesitation and even weak attempts to hide it. This is unthinkable and unheard of for America! "she said." I now live in a bad copy of the USSR, because they still tried to hide this from people, but they do not hide it. And It is the Republicans who openly support such an outrage, destroying the States before our eyes. "

From Joseph Biden, Elena expects a return to the previous US course – "sane clear messages from the White House instead of a series of incessant scandals, chaos and daily changes in politics and views." “I look forward to new economic development, because the Obama-Biden team did a great job in 2009, passing legislation to overcome the economic crisis, which has borne fruit. I also look forward to the restoration of international partnership and good neighborly relations with allied countries, because Trump In general, I am waiting for peace and hope to forget about politics for many years, – summed up Sokolovskaya. – Everyone is terribly tired of lies, chaos and bringing the worst human vices back to normal. "

Both parties are annoying

Elena Chugay from Chicago, for her part, noticed that she did not have a clear political position. “To be honest, both parties annoy me. Before, I was always on the side of the Democrats, because they even tried or promised to try to reform the medical system, they gave people at least some kind of social assistance for their taxes,” she recalled. with the latest events, the movement "Black Lives Matters" and all this chaos, I realized that no one thinks about people anyway. Besides, they (Democrats) constantly raise taxes to crazy levels. I live in Illinois and here with this very bad – a lot of people, probably already about 100 thousand, have left our state recently only because taxes are increasing hourly. "

"The Republicans promise not to raise taxes, but at the same time they can take away all social packages at all, that is, people will not receive anything at all for their taxes. Plus, I am personally against the free use of weapons, for which the Republicans are both hands," she added. In general, neither one nor the other absolutely inspires me with no confidence, since everyone is acting for their own selfish purposes. My husband is an American, he also does not like anyone. But he said that he would vote for Democrats in order to vote only against Trump ".

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