Parliamentary elections begin in Egypt

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CAIRO, October 24. / TASS /. Elections for the House of Representatives (lower house of parliament) begin on Saturday in Egypt. The current parliament's mandate expires in January 2021.

Voting in the first round in 14 out of 27 provinces will last two days, its results must be announced no later than November 1. On November 7-8, the remaining 13 provinces will host a second round of elections. For Egyptians living abroad, an early vote is taken. The current elections will be held in a new format on the basis of the adopted amendments to the law on elections, which have adjusted the principles of the electoral system and division of electoral districts. Thus, the struggle for 284 seats in parliament will be held on a closed-list system, another 284 mandates will be determined as a result of voting on an individual system. Another 28 deputies are to be later appointed by the country's president.

"The amendments to the law stipulate that the number of elected members of the House of Representatives should be 568, provided that women are allocated at least 25% of seats," MP Zeinab Salem told TASS. the total number of those elected is 596 deputies. " According to her, closed lists were proportionally distributed across four constituencies. In addition, the deputy explained, "each electoral list should include candidates from different sections of society – Christians, workers, peasants, people with special needs, Egyptians living abroad and women."

According to the statement of the Egyptian election commission, these four closed lists included the parties and coalitions "National List for Egypt", "Egyptian Call" ("Nidaa Masr"), Egyptian Sons "(" Abna Masr ") and" New Independents ". according to a public opinion poll, the National List for Egypt and the Future of the Nation party have a high chance of getting into parliament.

As the former deputy chairman of the Supreme Constitutional Court, adviser Tahani Al-Gabali, explained to TASS, "the holding of elections simultaneously according to lists and individual systems does not carry any constitutional violations." "The expansion of the districts was carried out in accordance with demographic and geographic criteria," she said. "These criteria require strong parties that can cover the area."

“The current electoral system can be considered an experiment of a transition period,” the adviser said. “Political life in the country has gone through a period of stagnation in the light of challenges and threats to national security after 2013. And Egypt needs a comprehensive vision for the development of the country's political life, part of which should be the development of a new of the law on political parties and the formation of a new state of security in the right to freedom of expression, "Tahani al-Gabali is convinced.

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