Leopoldo López leaves the Spanish embassy in Caracas and leaves Venezuela | International

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The Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López has left the Spanish embassy in Caracas, as confirmed to EL PAÍS by opposition sources, who assure that he has already left the country. López was sheltered in the residence of the Spanish ambassador in Caracas since April 30, 2019, when he led, together with Juan Guaidó, president of Parliament, an uprising that sought to unleash a revolt in the Armed Forces and overthrow Nicolás Maduro. Everything was in an attempt frustrated by the military forces that remained loyal to the Government and that day ended with his release after spending three years in jail and two under house arrest.

The former mayor of the Chacao municipality, who had been condemned by the Chavez-controlled justice system for encouraging a wave of protests in 2014, then found protection in Spanish diplomatic offices after circumventing the controls of the security forces. According to the sources consulted, López's objective is to travel to Spain, where his father, Leopoldo López Gil, a member of the Popular Party, resides.

The opposition leader always remained on the political front line even after his arrest. He became a symbol of the resistance against Maduro and, especially since he went to house arrest and later settled in the Spanish Embassy, ​​he piloted the strategy of the opposition forces and of Guaidó himself. In recent months, this path of pressure against Chavismo and unconditional rejection of the electoral processes called by the Government, which has not yielded concrete results, has received harsh criticism from other sectors of the opposition, such as the one headed by Henrique Capriles.

A month ago the Spanish Government announced the replacement of its ambassador in Caracas, Jesús Silva, however he guaranteed that this decision would not affect the situation of López Silva, who heads the embassy in Caracas since he was appointed by the Executive of Mariano Rajoy in 2017 Perhaps the moment of greatest tension during his mandate occurred at the beginning of May 2019, when López, his wife – also opposition member Lilian Tintori – and one of their children sought shelter in the residence, an inviolable territory where he cannot be required. by the Venezuelan authorities.

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