IS claims Kabul attack kills at least 18

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At least 18 people were killed in a suicide attack on Saturday against an education center in Kabul, quickly claimed by the Islamic State group.

The explosion occurred at the end of the afternoon near an establishment offering training courses for students, in a district in the west of the capital, said Tareq Arian, spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior. .

A suicide bomber who wanted to enter the educational center was identified by guards. He blew himself up in the alley to the center, before he could get in, he detailed.

At least 18 people have been killed and 57 injured, said Arian, who previously reported 13 dead and 30 injured.

A man cries in the arms of another man in a waiting room.

A man who lost his brother in the bombing cries in a hospital in Kabul.

Photo: Reuters / MOHAMMAD ISMAIL

In a message posted to its social media accounts, ISIS asserts that the assailant went to a rally (…) in Kabul, where he detonated his jacket containing explosives.

A video filmed at the scene of the attack and posted on social networks shows several dead bodies covered with blankets lying in a dirt street, as the wounded are carried out of the scene.

An employee of the center confirmed that the explosion occurred in the parking lot of the establishment.

I was 100 meters from the center when an explosion knocked me to the ground. There was dust and smoke all around me. All the victims are students waiting to enter the establishment.

Ali Reza, a local resident

Western Kabul is predominantly populated by Hazaras, an almost uniquely Shiite ethnic group, regularly targeted by theEI.

In mid-May, armed men caused carnage in a maternity hospital in the area, killing 18 people, including mothers ready to give birth and nurses. The assault had not been claimed.

Violence despite the peace process

Afghanistan is witnessing a rise in violence, as the Taliban and the government in Kabul began talks in Doha in September aimed at ending decades of war, so far without much progress.

Earlier in the day, nine people were killed by a bomb blast as a bus passed in the east of the country, according to local officials who blamed the Taliban.

Amnesty International on Friday deplored at least 50 dead the previous week in several attacks, accusing Kabul and the insurgents of failing to sufficiently protect civilians.

The world must take into consideration the fact that Afghan civilians are being massacred daily, said Omar Waraich, his manager in South Asia.

The international community must make the protection of civilians a central demand for its support of the peace process.

Omar Waraich, Amnesty International

On October 16, the US envoy for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, declared that the United States had reached an agreement with the Taliban to reach a significant drop the number of deaths due to persistent violence despite the peace process.

Attacks have increased in recent weeks, threatening the peace process, the diplomat had tweeted, calling all parties to keep their commitments.

Kabul has been asking the Taliban for a ceasefire for years, which they refuse to consider, fearing that they will lose one of their most important levers in negotiations.


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