Evo Morales left Argentina for Venezuela

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Former Bolivian President Evo Morales left Argentina for Venezuela on Friday aboard a Venezuelan government plane, Argentina's official news agency Telam reported on the day his political heir Luis Arce officially became the new Bolivian president.

Mr. Morales took refuge in Buenos Aires in December 2019 after resigning from the Bolivian presidency following a post-election crisis.

It left Buenos Aires' Ezeiza International Airport at 5:15 p.m. local time on Friday for Caracas, Telam said.

The former Bolivian president (2006-2019) will return to the Argentine capital next Sunday, according to local press.

He had announced a few days ago that he planned to return to Bolivia on a date not yet fixed after the resounding triumph of his political dolphin in the first round of the presidential election last Sunday.

My return to Bolivia has not yet been scheduled, he said Wednesday.

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez had earlier expressed his great wish to accompany Evo on his return to his homeland.

An emblematic figure of the South American left, Mr. Morales had to leave power in November 2019, after he was declared the winner of the presidential election in October in which he was running for a fourth term.

The opposition refused to recognize its victory, claiming that it had been obtained by fraud.

After a campaign of demonstrations and violence that had left more than 30 dead and 800 injured according to the UN, Mr. Morales had resigned and left Bolivia.

He went first to Mexico, then to Argentina after the Peronist Alberto Fernandez took office on December 10.

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