Trump said Biden's election victory threatens to destroy the US oil industry

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NEW YORK, October 23. / TASS /. The victory of Democrat Joseph Biden in the November US presidential elections would threaten the virtual destruction of the American oil industry. This opinion was expressed by the President of the United States Republican Donald Trump, speaking on Thursday evening in the final round of the pre-election televised debate with Biden. The discussion, which was broadcast live by all US news channels, took place in Nashville, Tennessee.

"Basically, he's saying he's going to destroy the oil industry. Remember that, Texas! Remember that, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio!" – Trump said, commenting on Biden's earlier statements. In the listed US states, the oil production sector is developed.

Meanwhile, the Democratic candidate for the highest US government post, in fact, promised to achieve a gradual abandonment of the oil complex. "I will make the transition from the oil industry, yes," Biden said. "Loud statement," Trump said. "Yes, a big statement," Biden confirmed.

The debater, NBC correspondent Kristen Welker, asked Biden to clarify why he was making such a promise. "Because the oil industry pollutes (the environment) significantly," the former US vice president replied. "Over time, it (the oil industry – approx. TASS) must be replaced by renewable energy sources. Over time. And I would stop providing federal subsidies to the oil industry," Biden said.

"This is possibly (Biden's) loudest statement in terms of (potential implications for American private) business," Trump said.

He himself took credit for actually saving the American oil sector a few months ago when fuel prices experienced a sharp drop. "Say whatever you like about (interstate) relations, but we have achieved that Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Russia have reduced, greatly reduced (oil production in order to stabilize prices for it). We saved the oil industry (USA), and now it is back full of energy, "- added the head of the White House.

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