The last hour of the elections in the United States, live | Trump insists on his attacks on Biden and Harris: "We will not have a socialist president" | USA elections

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There are 11 days until the presidential elections in the United States and more than 50 million people have already voted. The figure represents 37% of the total votes in 2016. More than 6.3 million voters have exercised their right in Texas, which opened the polls for early voting on Monday. Another two million did so in the state of Florida, which enabled voting by mail last week. The balance of the vote has been tipped primarily by Democrats. The Florida figures showed that of the total votes 1.1 million correspond to people registered with the Democratic Party, while the Republicans have barely reached about 681,000 voters. Democrats began an intense campaign to mobilize the vote by mail since August, when Donald Trump accused, without proof, the postal service (USPS, for its acronym in English) of being fraudulent.

The Senate moves forward with President Donald Trump's proposal for Supreme Court. The Judicial Committee of the legislative body approved Thursday, only with the vote of Republicans, Judge Amy Coney Barrett to serve as the highest judicial court in the country. While the Democratic senators who make up that commission have tried to boycott the vote. The approval leaves the way free to take it next week to the plenary session for the last confirmation.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden on Thursday vowed to retaliate against Iran and Russia for interfering in the US elections if they win in November, and compared the policy of his rival, President Donald Trump, towards North Korea to appeasing North Korea. Nazi Germany before World War II. "Russia has been involved, China has been involved to some degree and now we find out that Iran is involved, they will pay a price if I am elected," he said.

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