Evo Morales' party won a majority in both houses of the Bolivian parliament

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BUENOS AIRES, October 24. / TASS /. The Movement Towards Socialism, led by former Bolivian President Evo Morales, won a majority in both chambers of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (parliament) following the October 18 general elections. This is evidenced by the results of the counting of votes, which were summed up on Friday by the Supreme Electoral Court (WIS) of the republic, which performs the functions of the election commission.

According to this data, the Movement to Socialism party won 21 out of 36 seats in the House of Senators and 75 out of 130 seats in the Chamber of Deputies. The second force in parliament will be the center-left civil society alliance (11 senators and 39 deputies). The rest of the seats went to the right-wing Alliance "We Trust".

The WIS also finally confirmed the victory in the presidential elections of the former Minister of Economy, Luis Arce, nominated by the Movement to Socialism party. According to the chairman of the WIS, Salvador Romero, on October 28 the winners will receive the necessary papers, within 15 days after that the inauguration must take place. "It is up to the outgoing government and the winners to decide the exact date for the transfer of power," Romero said at a news conference that was broadcast on Facebook.

The elections held on Sunday were called after the cancellation of the results of the vote last October 20. Then the WIS recognized Morales as the winner, who at that time was president. His main rival Carlos Mesa refused to recognize the election results, and protests began in the country. After three weeks of demonstrations, Morales resigned and left Bolivia.

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