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EL PAÍS undertook one of the most important changes in its 44-year history last May. The newspaper then launched a subscription model with the aim of guaranteeing the sustainability of professional, high-quality journalism with a global reach. From this Friday, it takes another step in this journey and focuses on Latin America, where the newspaper has achieved strong expansion in recent years. For this reason, EL PAÍS launches a special subscription for its readers in the region. With the change of model, readers will have free access to 10 monthly articles; then they will need to subscribe. The price is five dollars a month, with an offer of the first for one dollar, without commitment of permanence

Founded in 1976, EL PAÍS is the world's leading Spanish-language newspaper, as well as the most influential and referenced medium in that language, according to multiple opinion studies. In America, it has a central newsroom in Mexico, with 40 journalists, from where the América Edition is directed and, since July 1, EL PAÍS México. In addition, it has dozens of journalists throughout the continent and offices and newsrooms in Washington, Bogotá, Buenos Aires and São Paulo, where dozens of professionals prepare the edition in Portuguese, which already has a specific subscription for readers of the South American country.

As a thank you to the readers who, since May, have already subscribed to EL PAÍS content from Latin America, and in response to their comments on the initial price in euros, the newspaper has decided to apply the economic improvement that the new promotion entails what from next November your subscription will have the same monthly cost of 5 dollars, instead of the current 10 euros, which means a discount of more than 55% on the current amount.

This newspaper has always had a strong community of readers, committed, diverse, with a certain outlook on the world, and it is with them that it will build the future. This community, the largest of the Spanish-language media, comment on the information and share it. They are also our first and most loyal critics. Through its web, applications, newsletters or social networks, EL PAÍS reaches any place with an Internet connection every second.

With this commitment, EL PAÍS is in a position to guarantee informative content in accordance with its commitment to social progress, independence, the defense of democratic values ​​and truthfulness, which has guided it as a means of communication for more than four decades. A bet that in Latin America becomes decisive, offering a global view of the world and of each of its countries.

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