US Director of National Intelligence Announces Russian Attempts to Influence Elections

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Russia and Iran have taken steps aimed at trying to influence the November elections in the United States, said the director of American National Intelligence John Ratcliffe.

“Iran and Russia have taken concrete steps aimed at undermining the US election process and influencing public opinion,” he said at a press conference.

According to Ratcliffe, Iran gained access to voter information and used it against US President Donald Trump.

“We have not seen such actions on the part of Russia. However, it also got access to information about voters,” added the director of national intelligence.

“These are desperate actions performed by desperate rivals,” the head of the national intelligence service said.

He assured that the American intelligence services “reacted quickly to nullify this threat.”

Ratcliffe warned that the United States will not tolerate outside attempts to interfere in the elections.

The US elections will be held on November 3. Republican Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden are fighting for the presidency. In addition, on this day, the Americans will have to elect all members of the House of Representatives and some of the senators.

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