Trump said that, according to US intelligence, Russia and Iran want his defeat in the elections

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WASHINGTON, October 23. / TASS /. American intelligence believes that Russia and Iran want the current head of the Washington administration, Donald Trump, to be defeated in the upcoming US presidential elections. Trump himself made this statement on Thursday.

A day earlier, US National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe said that Russia and Iran received some information about the registration of American voters and wanted to influence the elections.

"As for yesterday <...>… Ratcliffe <...> said: "One thing is common for them (Russia and Iran – approx. TASS). They <...> want you to lose. "(It is) because <...> no one has been tougher on Russia than me, "the American leader said in a televised debate with Democratic candidate Joseph Biden at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

As examples of "tough" measures against Russia, Trump cited the imposition of sanctions and US efforts to increase NATO contributions to the alliance's budget. He also rebuked the previous administration, in which Biden was vice president, for its policy towards Ukraine. "He (Biden – approx. – TASS) supplied pillows and sheets, I sold anti-tank weapons to Ukraine. Nobody was tougher towards Russia than Donald Trump," Trump added. In his opinion, the policy of the former administration led to the fact that Crimea became part of the Russian Federation. "They (Russia – approx. TASS) took a large part of what should have been Ukraine," Trump argued.

New allegations of interference

US National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe said Thursday that the data allegedly obtained by the Russian Federation and Iran could be used "to spread false information" among registered voters in the hope that it would "cause" confusion, sow chaos and undermine confidence in American democracy. ". The press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the earlier statements of the director of the US National Intelligence Service, called all accusations against Russia of attempts to interfere in the electoral processes in the United States absolutely groundless. In turn, the press secretary of the Iranian mission to the UN, Alireza Miryusefi, said on ABC TV that Tehran does not seek to interfere in the US elections.

The topic of potential interference in the US elections is regularly raised in connection with the allegations of the American authorities about Russia's involvement in such actions in 2016. Moscow has repeatedly denied such accusations.

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