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Sophie-Hélène Lebeuf (access the author's page)

With less than two weeks of the November 3 election, President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden will cross swords for the second and final time, after a chaotic first duel and the cancellation of the second scheduled debate.

The 90-minute debate, which starts at 9 p.m. EDT in Nashville, TN, will be moderated by NBC News reporter Kristen Welker.

To avoid the drifts of the first oratorical game, marked by the interruptions of the president against Joe Biden, the organizers took great measures to ensure that the rules, which had nevertheless been accepted by the campaigns of the two candidates, be respected this time: the sound of the microphone of the debater who will not have the floor, during the initial response of his rival to a question, will be cut off.

However, this provision will not apply to subsequent exchanges.

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Indication of his state of mind, President Trump has already thrown the gloves in the past few days, taking the moderator as an opponent and calling her, among other things, Democrat of the radical left, of totally partisan and of disaster.

In the last few hours he has posed as a media victim again, accusing a reporter on the CBS show on Twitter 60 Minutes who interviewed him for dealing with him anger, even hatred, and adding that Kristen Walker was much worse.

During the first debate, moderated by Fox News host Chris Wallace, the President had at times argued with the reporter, who repeatedly called him to order.

As expected, the debate of running mate's candidates Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Kamala Harris two weeks ago had been much more civilized.

Pandemic, national security and climate change on the menu

Reminder of the pandemic which has claimed more than 220,000 victims in the United States and which is distinguished by a return to the rise in the number of cases, transparent plastic glass panels will separate the two opponents, as during the debate between running mates.

Even though he himself contracted the virus earlier this month, President Trump continued to deny the gravity of the situation, wrongly speaking of a priest and ensuring that the United States henceforth turned its back on the crisis.

Not surprisingly, COVID-19 is among the themes chosen, such as American families, racial issues, national security, leadership and climate change, an issue that rarely gets on the menu of presidential debates.

A White House spokeswoman told Fox Business that the president answer any questions he wants and address those that were not raised.

Donald Trump will undoubtedly have in his sights the financial interests of Hunter Biden, son of the Democratic candidate, in China and Ukraine. His campaign team has clearly telegraphed his intentions in this regard.

The theme of the Supreme Court, included in the first debate, was ousted from the wording of the program, but the Democratic candidate will no doubt be asked about his position on the expansion of the Supreme Court, which the progressives are calling for in the wake of the confirmation awaited of the appointment of a sixth conservative judge to the Supreme Court.

In an interview with 60 Minutes, excerpted from Thursday morning, the Democrat, who had so far refused to answer the question, said he supported a bipartisan expert commission to look into reforming the justice system.

The faint hope debate

This Trump-Biden clash was slated to be the third, but the previous one was canceled after the Republican candidate refused to endorse the Presidential Debates Committee's decision to hold the event virtually, in the wake of his COVID diagnosis. -19.

With the campaign on its home stretch, Joe Biden, who dominates in voting intentions not only nationally but also in the majority of key states, like Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona, must especially make sure not to make waves to protect your lead.

The debate is more important for the Republican candidate, however, who must rally enough voters in critical states.

It remains to be seen whether this final debate can turn the tide, especially as at least 45 million Americans have already voted at advance or by mail.

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