Celebs who regretted their surgeries and ask their body for forgiveness

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Times have changed and every day we are more aware of the importance of self-love, self-acceptance and that has led some famous people to make drastic decisions.

It is no secret to anyone that women carry the stigma of always meeting the standards of beauty that are increasingly difficult to achieve. Between edited images, filters that leave you upturned nose and perfect skin and tools that are increasingly accessible and easy to use to lengthen and slim parts of our body, we are implanted with ideas of perfect figures that are almost impossible to achieve.

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And if this imposition of the ideal of beauty is heavy for a woman, famous women are more exposed to public scrutiny and are almost used to being judged on their physical appearance. The industry has perpetuated a beauty standard in which it appears that celebrities are driven to perfection by spending a lot of money and risking their health by undergoing surgery or painful procedures.

However, times have changed and every day we are more aware of the importance of self-love, self-acceptance and that has led some celebrities to make drastic decisions regarding their body such as regretting their surgeries and even removing their implants.

Here is a list of celebrities who regretted their surgeries:

Michelle Renaud

The Mexican actress said that she had a dream in which she was told that she had poison in her chest and decided to remove the implants since she realized that she did not go with her thought of self-love and what she wanted to instill in her son.

Alejandra Guzman

The rocker was one of the most notorious and most serious medical cases because she almost lost her life and had severe consequences when a substance was injected into her buttocks that led to unbearable pain, and many operations and to date, 11 years after the event, she continues to pay the expensive consequences of seeking perfection.

Lucia Mendez

After undergoing multiple surgeries on her face, the singer and actress has declared that she regrets her nose operation because at the time she did not know of the risk she was running and advises women to better exercise and go to health specialists.

Lupita jones

The one who was Miss Universe confessed that before arriving at the pageant she fixed her nose but the surgery that she regrets is the breast augmentation because she assures it was not in accordance with the harmony of her body.

Gaby spanic

After many criticisms for having transformed her face, the actress decided to give her face a break and no longer undergo this type of treatment, so she looks more natural every day.


The driver recently surprised her followers by announcing that she had removed her buttock implants at the same time that she apologized to her body after multiple operations, including: three rhinoplasties, chin, bichetomy, liposuction, breast implants and buttocks, as well as lip fillers. Will we see it more natural soon?

Consuelo Duval

Consuelo Duval is usually a very transparent actress and driver, which is why she confessed that in 2005 she underwent an operation to increase the size of her breasts, however she did not feel comfortable with the result and decided to remove the implants.

Salma Hayek

The famous Mexican actress confessed that thanks to the pressure to look perfect since she was young and immature, she increased her breast, however she decided to withdraw them and affirm that she was doing it for herself and not because of the opinion that others or the media had. communication to do so.


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