The white suburban woman, indispensable target of Donald Trump

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Frédéric Arnould (access the author's page)

Deanna Magee, a single mother of two aged 10 and 14, is quite proud to show us her favorite gun, a Glock, one of the few semi-automatic guns she owns in her plush Lake Mary home. , in the great suburbs of Orlando, Florida.

She is afraid that if Joe Biden is elected, a Democratic administration will take away his right to bear arms and even his AR-15, an assault rifle. Rifle she doesn't think she's using, but who's there in case.

Suburbs in chaos?

A few days ago, she took part for the first time in a rally of the outgoing President in Sanford, not far from her home. She is convinced of Donald Trump's victory and ensures that if Joe Biden wins, it will be chaos in his suburbs.

Close-up of Deanna Magee, in front of the entrance to her garage.

Deanna Magee believes that if Joe Biden is elected chaos will overtake the suburbs.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Frédéric Arnould

The president's message that he hammers home on the alleged abolition or destruction of <q data-attributes = '{"lang": {"value": "fr", "label": "Français"}, "value": { "html": "suburbs"," text ":" suburbs "}} 'lang =" fr”>suburbs (suburbs) by the Democratic clan seems to be bearing fruit. Since he removed an Obama-era regulation that favored a certain social mix in these neighborhoods, Donald Trump has repeatedly said, without proof, that there would be, under Biden, an increase in housing units in low price with, as a result, social tensions. Look at what is happening in the streets, the riots, the people who do not respect the law, explains Deanna Magee, alluding to the tensions in the streets since the death of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, two African-Americans who died at the hands of the police.

Racial inequalities in other corners cause some to come and destroy our homes? It does not mean anything, replies Krisha Gentsch, a 35-year-old resident of the same neighborhood.

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Wide shot of Krisha Gentsch in front of her house.

Will white women in the suburbs vote for Trump again?

Photo: Radio-Canada / Frédéric Arnould

For the first time in this election, Ms. Gentsch decided to publicly display her political colors by planting a Biden-Harris sign outside her house.

If I don't, I might be seen as a Trump voter, and I don't want to, she adds.

A red stronghold that turns blue?

It must be said that in Seminole County, a Republican stronghold where women outnumber men, Democratic signs are popping up everywhere, which is rather new. Brenda Tompkins, a former Republican from the era of George Bush Sr., has been campaigning for the Democratic Party for the past few elections. Four years ago, when Hillary was the Democratic candidate, there were about 4 Democratic signs in the neighborhood and a good dozen for Trump, today it's the other way around, a dozen for Biden and four for Trump.

A Biden / Harris sign on a field.

Placards in support of the Democratic Party are more numerous than in 2016 in the suburbs of Florida.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Frédéric Arnould

She believes that the county could well switch to Democratic Blue, and it must, according to her, because this election will mark the nation for a very long time. The one who painted a recycled wooden palette in the colors of the American flag is tired of Donald Trump grabbing the national emblem to make people believe that if you don't vote for him, you are not necessarily a patriot.

As if because we were a Democrat we were anti-American, I am very patriotic.

Brenda Tompkins, a former Republican who now campaigns for the Democrats

Deanna Magee, on the other hand, crowded rallies for Trump will make the polls lie. You see pro-Trump flags all over central Florida, sometimes even 200, 300 people waving a flag in the county. At Biden, you might just have 12 or 15, and I'm not exaggerating, she argues. She adds that among her white friends, none will vote for the Democratic candidate.

Please love me

Enough to encourage Donald Trump, who seems to know that the vote for suburban women is slipping into his hands. This week he repeated it again at his rallies. Do me a favor, suburban women, please love me, I saved your goddamn suburbs.

For Krisha Gentsch, this will remain an end of inadmissibility. He's just trying to instill a climate of fear into our comfortable lives as suburban people. Four more years scares me, Joe Biden is not my ideal candidate, but he's the one we have, so …

The result in that county will likely be representative of the end result for the entire state. Donald Trump will therefore know in less than 3 weeks whether he was right to bet again on white suburban women.

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