Death of George Floyd: police officer Derek Chauvin released on bail

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Former police officer Derek Chauvin, indicted for the murder of African-American George Floyd, was released on Wednesday on payment of a million dollar bail pending trial next year in this affair which upset the United States.

Detained since the end of May in a high security prison in Minnesota, he was released at the end of the morning, according to court documents.

This parole was denounced by Ben Crump, lawyer for the family of George Floyd, believing that it was a painful reminder, (…) that justice is still far from being done.

By posting a deposit of one million dollars, Derek Chauvin <q data-attributes = '{"lang": {"value": "fr", "label": "Français"}, "value": {"html ":" bought his freedom after taking the life of George Floyd for 20dollars "," text ":" bought his freedom after taking George Floyd's life for 20dollars "}} 'lang =" en”>bought his freedom after taking George Floyd's life for $ 20, he added on Twitter. George Floyd, 46, had been accused of using a counterfeit ticket in a store.

The 44-year-old white agent is set to stand trial for murder from March 8, 2021 along with three of his former colleagues, accused of complicity in the drama that has sparked the largest anti-racist mobilization in the United States since the civil rights movement in the 1960s.

On May 25, in Minneapolis, the officer was filmed kneeling for several minutes on George Floyd's neck.

While lying on his stomach with his hands cuffed behind his back, Mr. Floyd repeatedly implored the officer to loosen his grip, ensuring: I can not breathe.

The footage, broadcast live on the internet, sparked a global shock wave and violent protests across the country.

The arrest of the police officer, four days later, helped to restore calm in Minneapolis, a large city in the northern United States, shaken by several nights of riots.

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Since his death, George Floyd's last words have been echoed by millions of people who have taken to the streets of the country to demand police reforms and an end to racial inequality.

The City of Minneapolis, led by a Democrat, has decided to transform its police accused of being structurally racist to create a new model public security.

On September 11, Derek Chauvin appeared before a judge with his co-defendants, Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao, who have been released on bail for several weeks.

The prosecution said at the end of August that it intended to seek exceptionally long sentences for the former police officers, due to the peculiar cruelty of their act and status vulnerable of the victim at the time of the incident.

Prosecutors did not specify the length of sentences they intended to seek, but the maximum sentence for murder is 40 years in the state of Minnesota.

The four men, for their part, demanded that the charges against them be dropped, pleading that they had used reasonable force in the face of a struggling man.

George Floyd is probably died of a fentanyl overdose, assured the lawyer of Derek Chauvin in court documents.

These arguments angered the Floyd family. This is madness, commented his nephew Brandon Williams. He died because of a knee on his neck, it's the autopsy that says so, added his brother Philonise Floyd with emotion.

The four defendants also asked to be tried separately, outside the city and by anonymous jurors, according to them due to the pressures generated by the outburst of anger.

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