Tyrannosaurus skeleton sold at Christie’s for a record $ 32 million

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The skeleton of a tyrannosaur named “Stan”, who lived on Earth about 67 million years ago, was sold at Christie’s auction house for a record amount – almost $ 32 million with an estimated lot value of $ 6-8 million, according to Barron’s …

The auction took place the day before, October 6, in New York. Christie’s did not disclose the identity of the buyer, but a spokesman for the auction house said at a press conference after the auction that the company may make a statement on the matter soon.

The previous similar world record was set in 1997, when the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus, nicknamed “Sue”, was sold at auction at Sotheby’s auction house for $ 8.4 million at an estimated cost of $ 500,000, Barron’s recalls. Sue acquired the Museum of Natural History named Field in Chicago.

“The most complete tyrannosaurus skeleton”

Christie’s plans to put Stan up for auction became known in September. As reported then in the press service of the auction house, this is “the largest, complete and well-studied skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered.” “The skeleton, which is about 67 million years old, was named Stan in honor of the paleontologist who first discovered a fragment of his pelvic bone,” the message explained.

As told in the press service, Stan consists of 188 original bones and is the largest known skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex: its height is about four meters, and its length is more than 12 meters. A distinctive feature of Stan is also the most complete specimen of a skull that has survived to this day, with 58 preserved teeth.

The first fragments of the skeleton were discovered in the spring of 1987 by amateur paleontologist Stan Sakrison. It took more than 30,000 hours of painstaking manual labor to extract all available bones of the skeleton.

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