10 Smart Tips To Decorate Small Spaces

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With creativity you can achieve super efficient spaces regardless of the square meters.

Books, plants, a mix and match of vintage furniture and a lot of natural light are the components of this small apartment in Stockholm that gives us a lot of smart tips when it comes to decorating spaces of a few square meters.

Each space is well used and although it manages to put everything necessary, it is not saturated. Looking at it in detail, we were able to extract 10 practical tips to make a small space cozy, comfortable and practical.

1. Use every inch of the floor space.

This is particularly important if you live in a rented home and you don't want to put holes in the walls. What could be dead space under windows makes a good setting for stacking books. If you don't want to leave them on the ground, a low shelf works too.

2. Use indoor plants.

Small spaces can feel a bit enclosed and claustrophobic, but plants are the best way to bring the outdoors inside and fill it with harmony.

3. Choose furniture that is easy to move.

In a small space, your furniture has to work harder. For example, an armchair can be easily moved to a corner to create a reading corner, or it can be moved towards the center of the living room when you want to make a more social environment.

4. Use an interior window.

An internal window is perfect for giving privacy to a room without making it look smaller, but at the same time increasing the natural light that enters the space. It is a very worthwhile investment!

5. Create multi-purpose environments.

A storage drawer can also be a good corner to sit down for a morning coffee or an extra chair for a table.

6. Let the light flow.

Wider entryways help natural light flow through the space making it look brighter and more airy. A curtain is a great idea to separate rooms in a light way and let in light.

7. Reflects light.

And a no-brainer: mirrors work wonders to increase light around a space and make a room feel bigger.

8. Open and closed storage furniture that goes from wall to wall.

It is easy to think that an entire wall should be covered with closed closets for a clean and practical result, but in the case of closets that are not only used for clothes, leaving some open gives character and a personal touch to a room.

9. Furniture with dual purposes.

A shelf in the tub is a perfect option for shampoo and balm, but it can also be a great surface for anything else you need to support.

10. Wrap-around shelves.

We had seen shelves of books that go through around the doors, but this one that goes above the toilet seems a great way to add surfaces to store in spaces that are usually lost.




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