WP: family of black man shot by American police will receive $ 20 million

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TASS, September 29. The authorities of the American County of Prince George (Maryland) will pay $ 20 million in the case of the death of 43-year-old African American William Green, who was shot by police after his arrest. According to The Washington Post on Monday, the sum will be paid to the victim's family.

According to her, the corresponding decision was announced during a press conference by the representative of the county government Angela Olsobrooks. She also added that the case required the authorities to act "swiftly and decisively" against police officers who "abused (public) confidence."

The Green's family lawyer told the newspaper that this compensation is one of the largest among similar cases of the murder of American citizens while being detained by law enforcement officers.

William Green was detained by police in January this year, after causing several accidents. Law enforcement officers believed that the African American was under the influence of drugs, but this was subsequently not confirmed. During the arrest, Green was handcuffed and put in a police car. A few minutes later, one of the policemen fired seven shots at the detainee, believing that he was trying to get a weapon. The policeman's version was not confirmed by the results of an investigation by the local prosecutor's office.

Green died of his wounds in the hospital the next day. The Prince George police officer who shot Green was arrested. He was charged with murder.

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