DPRK Permanent Representative Says Pyongyang Needs Constraints To Achieve Peace

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UN, September 29. / TASS /. Pyongyang considers it necessary to rely on "reliable and effective deterrents" in order to prevent a war on the Korean Peninsula. This was stated on Tuesday by the permanent representative of the DPRK in the organization of Kim Song at the general political debate of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly (GA).

“Building a world without wars is the consistent position of the DPRK government,” he said. “Over the past decades, we have done everything to guarantee peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and in the region. Nevertheless, the nuclear threat against the DPRK remains, and hostile action is taking place right before our eyes. " “In today's world where arrogance is everywhere, true peace can be guaranteed if only we can rely on ourselves to prevent war, if we have reliable and effective deterrents to defend ourselves,” he stressed. “If we can tighten our belts, then peace in the Korean Peninsula region will be protected. "

"Relying on reliable guarantees of security, the DPRK is now directing all its efforts to develop the economy," he said. "It is clear that we need a favorable external environment for economic development, but we cannot give up our dignity." He expressed confidence that "the time has passed when one country imposed its will on the whole world" and expressed the hope that a multilateral approach will provide a solution to world problems. The international community, he stressed, "must oppose arrogance and arbitrariness."

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