7 Signs You Are A Millennial Mom

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Millennials, widely recognized as people born between the 1980s and early 2000s, have not simply taken over the workforce, surpassing Generation X for the first time, but are also becoming parents. About one in five mothers is millennial, and they are characterized by not wanting to raise their children in the same way they were raised, in addition to several other things that we will tell you below.

1. They are very smart.

According to a White House report, more millennials have a college degree than any other generation of young adults, and considering that women have surpassed men in obtaining bachelor's degrees, it is a fact that today's mothers they are well educated.

2. They have been shaped by technology.

This generation as a whole has been defined by the fact that they came of age with the internet, so it might come as no surprise that millennial mothers are very connected. They use an average of 3.4 different accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, followed by LinkedIn and YouTube, and spend 17 hours a week with those networks. That's four more hours each week than the average mom, according to a Weber Shandwick report on marketing for this demographic.

3. They have legitimate followers.

About 90 percent share information about the purchases they have made and the services they have used, from supermarket brands to health insurance plans and financial investments. Plus, millennial moms have listeners. They are asked for their recommendations 74 percent more frequently than others in their peer group. And why not? Millennial moms are quite popular, with an average of 24 "close friends."

4. They don't want to be full-time mothers.

Time for themselves is a must for this new generation of mothers. In fact, 20 percent of millennial moms have help with their personal tasks.

5. They are surprisingly traditional.

One might assume that this new group of mothers would try to "have it all" when it comes to that difficult work-life balance and would have an equal division of responsibilities with their partners. Yet, for better or worse, millennial parents maintain a surprisingly traditional division of labor.

6. They do things differently than their mother.

Because millennial moms tend to be limited by time, they have all but eliminated the etiquette guidelines of past generations. A recent study by BabyCenter shows that this group of women is twice as likely to communicate with their own parents via text message and also twice as likely to send birthday invitations online. Tangentially, they are 21 percent less likely to send a handwritten thank you note in the mail.

7. Find creative ways to interact.

Millennial moms prefer to engage with their communities in interesting ways, whether it's blogging about the ups and downs of having twins, posting recipes for families on popular cooking sites, or opening an Etsy store to sell personalized products.




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