Diplomats urged the United States to fight not with vaccines of the Russian Federation, but with COVID-19

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The Russian Embassy in the United States asked Washington to focus on saving the lives of Americans from the coronavirus, and not criticize the Russian vaccine.

“Do not try to downplay the constructive proposal of President (Russia Vladimir – IF) Putin to hold a high-level online conference soon for countries interested in collaborating on developing vaccines against COVID-19. Save American lives. Fight COVID-19, and not with Russian vaccines, “the Russian Embassy in Washington said on Twitter.

Russian diplomats attached to the tape a message from US State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus, in which she questioned the effectiveness, reliability, and safety of the Russian vaccine.

The embassy also published the text of a briefing at the White House on September 22, during which the press secretary of the US President Kaley McEnani, answering a question from journalists about the developments of the Russian Federation and China, said: “He (Donald Trump) said the following:” I will say that doesn’t look like me. I don’t care, I just want a vaccine that works. I don’t care if she’s from another country. I’ll take my hat off to them. “

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the UN General Assembly, suggested holding a high-level international online conference on cooperation in the development of a vaccine against coronavirus.

“We are taking the initiative to hold a high-level online conference with the participation of states interested in cooperation in the development of vaccines against coronavirus,” Putin said.

According to him, Russia “is ready to share and continue to interact with all states and international structures, including supplies to other countries of the Russian vaccine, which has proven its reliability, safety, and effectiveness.”

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