What To Wear And What Not To Wear With Cowboy Boots

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Everything you need to know to avoid looking disguised or overloaded.

Cowboy boots are still a strong trend in street style and in the looks of fashion girls. Impossible to deny the cool air and powerful print of this style of boots, something that makes them more difficult to combine than, for example, Chelsea ankle boots, which go well with everything. They are a statement themselves and that is why they are often THE striking piece of an outfit. And to guide you, here we leave you a list where we detail with what and what not to wear these beloved boots. Take note.


No: flowery dresses and jumpsuits

Yes: animal print

As these boots are western-inspired, with flowery dresses and jumpsuits you could look a bit disguised, that's why we love the contrast that comes with the animal print.


No: sportswear

Yes: more polished pieces

The more casual and sporty clothes do not make the best mix with these boots and, on the other hand, the more polished pieces make them look particularly chic.


No: hats and lots of accessories

Yes: simple outfit formulas

With any hat you will look like ready for a costume party. And if you abuse the accessories, it doesn't look good with this style of boots either. But what does work are the formulas of simple outfits such as those that wear jeans, a top or a high neck sweater and a shirt.


No: sequins and fringes

Yes: nice and classic clothes

We love how chic cute pieces, like flying, or classic, like Scottish, look with this style of boots.


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