They teased him about his long blonde "girlish" hair, but he held on to donate it to cancer victims

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Kit Porritt (Suffolk, England) knew how to handle bullying well in his school and that he was mistaken for a girl to offer him modeling in a catalog; the story of a girl who lost her hair to chemotherapy moved him and decided to courageously help the cause.

The story that we will tell you next stars a 10 year old boy named Kit Porritt, one of the most noble and brave that we have seen lately.

Kit, from Suffolk (Great Britain), wore two years in a row growing hair, but not for an aesthetic or lazy reason. Although he liked the way he looked at first, There was a reason that led him to let it grow even more.

The little one suffered a lot bullying at ​​school for her hair. Children were not used to seeing a boy with such long hair and they told her she had "girl hair". But Kit was never intimidated, since he was following in the footsteps of one of his idols.

“The jokes really didn't bother me. Many people thought that I looked like a girl, but perhaps they had never seen a photo of Kurt Cobain before ».

Kit Porritt to The Epoch Times

However, Everything changed when Kit learned the story of a girl diagnosed with cancer, who was losing her hair due to chemotherapy. The little blond man was moved by the story, which he did "feel sad"so he decided keep growing your hair to eventually donate it.

Without telling anyone, Kit went about a year and a half without cutting her hair and taking it in a little bun from time to time. After that period of time, he decided to tell his mother his wish: that that hair was used in a wig for a cancer patient.

"He's brave, risky, stubborn and determined, but he's also exceptionally empathetic and responsive, so these kinds of challenges are made for him."

Ellen Widdup, Kit's mother, to The Epoch Times

Kit endured enough and in the best of spirits his long-haired stage, and says that they even confused him to offer him modeling in a catalog of clothing for girls. And when her hair was 25 centimeters long, it was time for the cut.

The little one got cut practically all the mane and donated it to the British foundation The Little Princesses Trust, which is in charge of making wigs with real hair for children and young victims of cancer and hair loss. Kit was giggling as they cut, knowing it was for a noble reason.

Now Ellen, her mother, can be calm, since she will not have to untangle her son's hair with a brush every morning.

But the most important thing is that your little one has the maturity and confidence to give an incredible example of solidarity.

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