Shows become intimate in the face of the pandemic

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“The artists are like nurses, they help with respirators, with medications; us with stories. We have to take care of the soul of others. This is our task and we must carry it out with the utmost serenity, devotion and, if possible, with joy ”.

Daniele Finzi Pasca, director of the company that bears his surname, is in his native Switzerland, reflects as he rethinks the show that will bring new viewers, who now coexist with the Covid-19. Your new show should be thought of them, away from the large crowds and keeping distance with empty seats, but united despite everything. An intimate story that heals the soul.

It is not the first time that something like this has occurred to him. In 1991, this Italian descendant rose to fame for the montage Icarus, in which he played an antihero who connected from his imperfection. Then he came to create his own company, coordinate two shows for the Winter Olympics, 35 productions of which five of them toured the world.

Today, with the pandemic, Daniele thinks about her Icarus: “We suffered a lot in Switzerland, especially in our part, the Swiss-Italian part, the situation was very complicated a couple of months ago. Then everything seemed to go for the good and now we are afraid, afraid that a second wave will come, ”he tells EL UNIVERSAL.

“We try to come up with a new way of telling stories by confronting the spaces that we will have at our disposal. So we started, being very intimate with Icarus, which was written for a single viewer, then there were gigantic experiences. Now we must return to intimacy and it is something that provokes us reflections: not to stop, we must continue to feed our imaginations ”.

600 ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS The company Les Ballet Trockadero calculates in lost income for more than three months of cancellations.

Indirectly, Mexico was the watershed of that thought. On March 15, the company had to cancel its Donka shows: A Letter to Chekhov at the Esperanza Iris Theater and do an "extraordinary show" for those who had tickets at later dates. The pandemic forced artists to get off a stage from which they have never returned, and even left them stranded by the closing of borders.

That month was devastating for many similar companies. Trockadero de Monte Carlo, a drag ballet show that has been gaining attention in New York since the 70s and that performed in Mexico in June 2019, had to fire its workers in mid-March of this year. Everyone survives on unemployment insurance, plus a special pandemic allowance, provided by the United States government.

“This has been a great support for our artists and for other unemployed people. But this subsidy is slated to expire on July 31. We are working to find other ways to support our artists, ”explains Liz Harler, general manager of the company.

Trockadero Ballet opened a donation space on its website. He plans to return in January 2021, although the outlook is still uncertain.

"We are trying to determine how we can safely rehearse, act and travel to reach our audience. Working with places to find creative ways to reach the widest audience with social distancing. We hope to return safely, ”says Harler.

The Irish company Lord of the dance, which was still able to perform in Mexico last February with its Dangerous games show, is in a similar situation today. There are no upcoming dates, so they stay active with live content that broadcasts in the evenings, as well as interactive lessons on Irish dance, music, among other activities.

“Unfortunately the promoters of our tour in Germany were forced to cancel in March. We were also forced to cancel our Beijing dates. In terms of the company, we are lucky to be in a good position to overcome this crisis and emerge strong, if not stronger than before, "said Judy Garvey, spokeswoman for the Lord of dance.

12 A THOUSAND PEOPLE They were contemplated for the Finzi Pasca tour in Mexico, with nine presentations at the Teatro de la Ciudad.

Next year the Irish will celebrate their 25th anniversary, but they must rethink their original idea of ​​celebration.

“It wasn't going to be a normal year anyway! What we are doing is accelerating the plans that we had already developed and translating the show into an experience that can be enjoyed in a theater or in the small room, ”he says.

Also the stage party, a Spanish company that brought Luxuria in 2019, will be 25 years old. Abel Martín, CEO, talks about celebrations that start with the presentation of a book in December, but he also does it from uncertainty. "We are trying to reach Christmas in venues of 1,500 people, with a capacity of 500, but today talking about Christmas is like talking about the distant future, about 20 years, everything can change."

Martín does not see any continental tours or events to dream massively.

"It is very difficult to come back and I think it will take many years to get back to how we were before this."


The proposal of The Trocks is the classic ballet with a parody of the cliches in dance. They postponed 14 weeks of shows and a tour in Mexico. Her last visit was in June 2019.


His circus shows include high technology like animatronics. In March 2019 they presented Luxuria, a sensual circus at the CCTI. Japan is one of the countries where they canceled and plan to return to Mexico in 2021.


Founded in Dublin by Michael Flatley, they feature traditional Irish dance shows. In Mexico they were for the last time on February 8 and 9 at the National Auditorium. They canceled in countries like England and China.


China's classical music and dance are the basis of his performance. A year, for six months, they visit 130 cities. In Mexico they would start the season in April, but their dates have been postponed to 2021, as in Canada and the United States.


The company started with a show for a spectator, today they have performed in 550 theaters. After the pandemic, they canceled tours of Mexico, Canada and Italy. His latest show in Mexico, Donka, addresses the life of Chekhov and has been presented more than 300 times in 73 cities.

Daniele Finzi rose to fame with her show Icarus, which allowed her to form a company and participate twice in the Olympics.


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