"Oscuro desire", the number one Netflix series in Nicaragua where a Nicaraguan appears

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On July 15, the Netflix platform premiered the Mexican series "Oscuro desire", with a cast of recognized actresses and actors such as Maite Perroni, Erik Hayser, Jorge Poza, Alejandro Speitzer, María Fernanda Yepes and Regina Pavón.

The series, made up of 18 chapters, was written by Leticia López Margalli and directed by Pitipol Ybarra and Kenya Márquez, and promises to catch you from the first episode with its story of suspense, desire, mystery, obsession and murder.

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"Dark desire" begins when the lawyer and university professor Alma (Maite Perroni) suspects that her husband, the irreproachable judge Leonardo Solares (Jorge Poza) cheats on her with his assistant, both have a daughter, Zoe (Regina Pavón). Despejada Alma goes to party over the weekend with her best friend Brenda (María Fernanda Yepes) and ends up having an affair with Darío Guerra (Alejandro Speitzer), who is younger than her.

However, after this weekend everything ends in tragedy since when Alma tries to return to his normal life, everything becomes complicated. Darío appears as a student of her class, she is involved in the investigation of a murder that took place in the house where she was that weekend and discovers that she cannot believe her close ones, including her husband. There, his brother-in-law, Detective Esteban (Erik Hayser), who is more involved in the case he investigates, comes into action.

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Probably «Oscuro desire» is the first Mexican series with a strong load of sexual content, however the plot addresses topics such as the taboo on the relationships of mature women with young men, but mainly the topic of femicides, an alarming crime in Mexico, where according to data provided by the United Nations (UN), it is calculated that 10 women are killed per day.

The only one in history


Nicaraguan actress Amanda Polo Millán appears in this new success of the streaming platform. She says that she made a casting thanks to the call made by the producer Argos, after that they contacted her to perform a short role.

She appears at 2:30 minutes after the last chapter (18) begins, where she gives life to a journalist who questions the judge Leonardo Solares (Jorge Poza).

– "Magistrate a few days ago you pleaded guilty to the murder of a woman in Cuernavaca, with what morality do you now intend to dedicate yourself to academic life?" Asked the Nicaraguan one of the main characters while he arrived at his office.

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– «It is said that it was a crime of passion», was another of her interventions, being the only one of the group of journalists that has two interventions and a close-up or close-up.


Amanda says that she was called to record the scene in one day and that although she is a short character, she remembers that a few days ago she heard a talk between the actors Gabriela Cartol and Noé Hernández. "He said that someone taught him that every time a character falls on you: be it small or large, you have to celebrate it because it doesn't fall every day."

For that reason, he celebrates this small journalist role that joins his other appearances in Netflix series such as "The Dragon, The Return of a Warrior", where he plays Tania Farchalla, a Muslim woman. Here he acts in one chapter during the first season and in five during the second season. She also appeared in the series "The Club" and "The Prisoner number 1". Amanda is currently filming another production, which at the moment cannot give further details, she says.

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