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The English Court closed the 2019 financial year, which ended on February 29, with a total workforce of 88,268 employees, a reduction of 1,736 workers compared to the previous year's figure.

This is stated in the group's non-financial report published yesterday. It is the first time in many years that the distribution group has dropped below the 90,000 worker barrier. The latest figure available on its website is for the financial year 2005. In the annual activity report at the time, there was talk of an average workforce of just over 92,000 people, although this variable, the average number of employees during the year, is usually appreciably lower than that given at the year-end closing date.

The company explains in its 2019 report that this reduction is motivated, above all, by "retirements, voluntary withdrawals and terminations of contracts". In addition, he adds that "the greater efficiency in the organization of human resources has made it possible to compensate for the decrease in the workforce, maintaining the quality and service that characterize the company".

93.5% of the total workforce was hired in Spain, a total of 82,546 people. In 2018 they were just over 84,600.

Figures that consolidate the sorpasso of Mercadona As the first employer in Spain, a situation that already occurred last year, but which is reinforced in 2019. In addition, for the first time, it exceeds the total workforce, after closing 2019 with 90,000 employees, as recorded in its report. Of that number, 89,100 were in Spain and the rest in Portugal, for the 85,500 and 300 that it had in 2018 in those markets, respectively.

In Portugal, El Corte Inglés has 3,391 workers, 22 more than a year ago, and it has 2,331 spread across 22 other countries, 20 more than in 2018. The reduction of the global workforce also translated into lower personnel costs , which fell 1.5% compared to 2018, reaching 2,391 million euros.

As reflected by the non-financial memory of El Corte Inglés, 64% of its workers were women. Of these, around 60% had full time and 40% had it reduced, while in their male partners the proportion was 88% and 12%.

This is one of the aspects that explain that in El Corte Inglés there is a weighted wage gap of 8.2%. A calculation that is made taking the average salaries and gaps of each professional group weighted with the weight on staff that each one of them has over the total. According to the company, despite this divergence, "we can affirm that there is wage equity between men and women", since the differences "are due to aspects such as seniority and structure by sex in each professional group".

Some differences that, for example, also reach the board: the average remuneration of the directors, without taking into account compensation, was 1.15 million euros, for the 1.37 million of the directors.

An average salary of 24,055 euros

El Corte Inglés puts the average remuneration in the group at 24,055 euros, although the differences are large according to the categories. For example, in the professional group of executives and managers, the average salary in 2019 was 268,070 euros. There are 118 employees in this category, 11 fewer than in 2018, of which 113 are men. In the following ranking, that of managers and coordinators, the average remuneration was 42,659 euros. Here, too, men are the majority, with 63% of just over 12,000 employees. In the group of technicians, the salary was 34,749, there being a certain equality regarding the number of employees. In the professional and basic personnel categories, the average salary was 20,183 and 15,503 euros. In both cases, women are the majority.



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