Animals that love to be funny

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Scientists say that animals have a beneficial effect on humans. If a person is surrounded by pets, then they can calm the nerves and help for a moment to forget about the problems. In this collection, animals do their best to entertain their owners.

1. “Our angel sleeps peacefully in the car”

2. “Boxers are fools, but this is some new level”

3. “She found that her cell has a roof”

4. Cats – the main keyboard lovers

My cat constantly wants to be near the keyboard. The solution is to put the keyboard on it. In this case, she gives me calm work for another 10 minutes.

5. “I just wanted to take a beautiful picture of my cat”

6. “Gizmo is not the smartest guy”

7. A real smile dog

This is my dog’s favorite toy. To watch the window through the facial expressions of people who see it with this toy in their teeth is priceless.

8. A smile!

9. “She does this every time I sit down to eat.

10. No, he did not break – he is well

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