Scandinavian bedside table: 10 inspirations that have it all. Bedroom decor ideas 2020

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Opt for this practical and trendy piece of furniture

The bedside table is an essential piece of furniture. It allows you to place a lamp, an alarm clock, glasses, a book, or any decorative object next to the bed. Equipped with niches or drawers, it provides additional storage space. Let’s discover some Scandinavian bedside tables whose sleek style allows them to easily marry any type of bedroom.

Design and practical

This small bedside table plays on contrasts by mixing white storage and wooden legs. It has a large drawer ideal for storing all kinds of objects. Its rectilinear shape is practical to integrate into any type of room. The drawer has openings that lighten its structure and play the role of horizontal patterns.

Convenient style

When the Scandinavian bedside table takes on the appearance of a small chest of drawers, you can only give in to its charm. Its warm wood color combined with its simple shape and master key makes it a must. It offers more beautiful storage spaces which are both practical and aesthetic.

Original feet

Feet with an original design come to give style and refinement to its charming Scandinavian hair tables. They are in fact made up of a small round tray that overhangs hairpin legs. Wood mixes with metal while these small pieces of furniture display a lightness that allows them to be present in any bedroom.

A rounded style

What could be more original than these round Scandinavian bedside tables? They seem directly cut out of a tree trunk to display a raw style of the most refined. Simple in appearance, they stand out for their originality and their 100% natural side which surfs brilliantly on the trend of the moment. They welcome any bedside lamp or even a plant to accentuate the nature style.

Multiple storage spaces

When the bedside table becomes a real source of storage, what more could you ask for? This small piece of furniture can thus accommodate any object of your choice on its tray, but it also offers various storage sources by multiplying doors and drawers. The metal handles give relief to the whole and the openings punctuate the facade to give it a unique design.

Nesting bedside tables

Nesting tables are one of the real trends of the moment. This practical solution is now also found in our rooms. It’s up to you to superimpose them as you see fit. Slightly nested one inside the other, they form a bedside table in the staircase which allows highlighting lamps and books for example. Placed side by side, they offer a larger decoration space, also ideal for having breakfast in bed.

Make way for sobriety

This Scandinavian bedside table is the epitome of sobriety. Thin, slender legs support an equally light tray. The immaculate white of the whole adds to the sobriety and elegance of this model which can thus integrate any kind of decoration. Its whiteness makes it possible to advantageously highlight any object placed on the tray.

Straight shapes

If you are looking for Scandinavian bedside tables that are as elegant as they are discreet, this model is for you. It indeed combines the clever system of nesting tables but opting for more original and less common rectilinear forms in the matter. The color contrasts between the two small tables bring out each of them while preserving the beautiful harmony of the whole.

A little color

Who says Scandinavian bedside table does not necessarily say white or beige. This style indeed adopts modern colors or even full of peps to best adapt to various trends. This denim blue bedside table will prove perfect in a teenager’s bedroom. No doubt he will appreciate his current design and fashionable color as well as his perfect storage space to accommodate his favorite objects.

An effect full of contrast

The style of this Scandinavian bedside table is both modern and timeless. We like its two drawers with integrated handles, the wood of which contrasts with the black of the uprights. The rectilinear and sober forms give an assertive style to this small piece of furniture as pretty as practical which will find its place in your room quite naturally.

Scandinavian bedside table: 10 inspirations that have it all
The bedside table is an essential piece of furniture.

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