Mixed baby room: 7 ideas to steal for a stunning decor!

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A room for girl or boy

Girl or boy? Do you want to be suspenseful until D-day while still preparing the baby’s room? Know that several decorating tips will allow you to make a room for your future baby full of charm, ready to welcome both a little boy and a little girl.

Make way for neutral colors

Nothing like neutral shades to avoid giving an assertive style to the baby’s room. So you can opt for beige, ecru, or even taupe or pearl gray. Do not hesitate to mix them to bring relief to the room and also avoid monotony. You will be sure to avoid errors in taste by combining these colors which blend together wonderfully. These shades will bathe the baby’s room in an atmosphere full of tranquility and softness. Cushions, carpets, and plush will bring warmth to a room whose neutral colors may seem cold to some people.

Green: the ultimate mixed color

If there is one color that perfectly represents diversity: it is green. For a baby’s room, we prefer to opt for clear, softer, and soothing tones. Almond green, in particular, is perfect in a nursery. An additional advantage of green: it fits perfectly into a natural decoration. Then combine it with wooden furniture and colors such as pale yellow, taupe, or powder pink. You will then obtain a result as refined as the original.

Bet on yellow

It is impossible to conjure up a mixed nursery decoration without talking about yellow. We appreciate it because it brightens up the room while giving it dynamism and brightness. If you opt for a bright yellow, then prefer to associate it with less intense and more neutral shades like pearl gray or simply white. It’s a great way to soften the mood of the room and create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Opt for a refined decoration

Far from the themed rooms of princesses or superheroes which are inseparable from the sex of the baby, a refined decoration is perfect for a mixed atmosphere. The ideal is to decorate the walls in colors and accessories of various pastel colors, all gently, and to furnish the room with light wooden furniture. The baby’s room will then be ready to welcome both a little boy and a little girl who will both feel like they are in a cocoon.

Integrate geometric patterns

Patterns with geometric shapes have the advantage of not being figurative. So, opt for paintings, sheets, and other accessories and decorative items decorated with triangles, circles, and squares. You will give the room a graphic and current appearance. Do not hesitate to various patterns and colors to make the room even more attractive and attract the baby’s attention.

Mix textures

Make the nursery a real tender and cocooning space. For this, add to a room in mixed shades accessories full of sweetness with natural colors, as well as suited to a little boy as a little girl. So, consider placing a fur blanket on a small fabric armchair or even covering part of the wooden floor with a carpet of soft material. The room will then become warm and welcoming.

Play the multicolored card

Instead of choosing between pink and blue binaries, prefer to opt for multicolored accessories. Multiplying the colors in the nursery will allow you to erase any idea of ​​gender. Thus, dress the bed in red linen and overhang this piece of furniture with a garland of multicolored balls. Similarly, install polka dot curtains or a garland of pennants in various colors.

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