6 decor ideas to modernize a bedroom in 2020!

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Make your room a current room

The bedroom is a room placed under the sign of calm and relaxation. And even if it is not the one in which we spend the most time, the fact remains that this piece deserves our attention in terms of decoration. Here are some ideas that will help you get a modern room quickly and easily.

Play the two-color card

The alliance of two perfectly coordinated colors gives any room elegance and refinement. To keep this style while giving your room modernity, opt for the alliance of a sober duo such as black and white or, even more current, gray and white. For this, play with the color of your walls but also accessories: plaid, curtains, lights but also decorative objects opt for this alternation throughout the room. You will thus create a most harmonious effect. 

Bring in nature

The current trend is to integrate nature into our interiors. This implementation can go through the choice of raw materials but also by the integration of plants in your decoration. And these can very well find a place of choice in your room, especially if it has beautiful light. Choose green plants of various shapes and heights to create a graphic effect and personalize your room. The plants will also help make your room a very soothing place.

Hang a wall weaving

Long gone from fashion, wall weaving is making a comeback and imposing itself brilliantly in our current interiors. And the bedroom does not escape this beautiful invasion. Ideally, place a wall weaving just above your headboard. This decorative element will thus be clearly visible and put in the spotlight for a resolutely modern effect. As for the choice of color, let your desires speak. While the sober shades bring an authentic and natural atmosphere, the colorful models give life and peps to a slightly bland room. You will also find wall weavings in the shape of a dream catcher for a peaceful sleep.

Bet on color

It is far behind us when the rooms were displayed in sober shades. This piece is now also entitled to color. In order to keep it, all the same, a soothing and conducive to sleep atmosphere, prefer to place the color by keys, preferably on the accessories. Thus, red or yellow cushions, as well as curtains and coordinated lighting, will bring pep’s and give life to your room: a real makeover!

Go for a washed-out shade

Among the trendy colors of the moment are washed colors. In addition to modernizing the room, they have the ability to give it a certain softness as well as originality. As for the choice of shade, follow your desires. You can indeed opt for a faded pink with a resolutely romantic look or for a faded blue which immerses you in a seaside atmosphere. Remember to coordinate your sheets and a few accessories with your walls for a reminder that will put this even more color in value. 

Place a colorful carpet

While the carpet is still very popular in the living room, it is also very suitable for a bedroom. It brings warmth to it, dresses the floor, and very advantageously replaces a lowering bed. To bring modernity to your room, opt for a colorful carpet decorated with contrasting geometric patterns. You can play the reminders of this color on cushions that will adorn the bed as well as on an ottoman or curtains. You will enjoy dressing in the morning, feet warm on this carpet as decorative as useful. 

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