A modern bedroom, 5 atmospheres for inspiration, for good filling in 2020

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Find inspiration for the land of dreams in a 100% stylish room

Admittedly, the bedroom is a room in which one spends less time than in the living room or the kitchen … but that is not to say that it does not deserve its small decorative imprint! So if you want a tastefully decorated room that reflects an atmosphere that is both modern and stylish, here are 5 themes that should not fail to inspire you!

1. A soft bedroom in pastel shades

It is well known: to gain peace of mind in dreamland, it is better to favor rather soft colors and shades in a bedroom. So why not opt ​​for restful and soothing shades, such as powder pink, water green, mouse gray, or pastel blue

These calm and soothing colors are perfect for creating a Scandinavian atmosphere (especially if you combine them with wooden furniture), a contemporary and refined atmosphere (associated with black metal furniture), or a shabby chic atmosphere. 

2. A 100% pure white room

In a bedroom, white is an ideal color because it is both bright and soft for the eye. But if you are not a fan of all-white rooms and you find this shade a little too sanitized and not warm enough, do not hesitate:

  • To put white paint on the walls with a satin finish, to bring shine.
  • To combine white with wooden furniture and plants, to create an atmosphere that is both refined, but that remains warm, authentic, and lively.
  • To vary different materials, different textures and different shades: satin white on the walls, beige faux fur on off-white bed linen …

3. A loft-style bedroom

To give maximum character and a good modern touch to a room, the loft atmosphere always gets the job done! To succeed in a bedroom, some fundamentals must be respected, such as:

  • The brick wall (authentic or made with facing bricks), you can no longer have a loft spirit!
  • Recycled objects: a crate as a bedside table, a panel of raw wood to create a green wall …
  • Metal suspensions with visible bulbs, ideal for bringing a little industrial side.

4. A bi-chromatic chamber

Currently, in the world of interior decoration, the trend is in the ess is more than the avalanche of colors! So if you want a modern and in-room, rather than trying to combine 1001 colors in your bedroom, why not play the security card, and go on only 2 colors (like here gray and brown), that you will come in different shades to bring contrast and dynamism?

A wall painted in anthracite gray, another coating of pearl gray waxed concrete, mottled gray bed linen, a dark gray leather armchair … mixed with brown furniture (an ottoman and a jute rug, a sideboard vintage wooden, suspensions made with ropes …); for a refined, sober and contemporary whole, it’s perfect!

5. A green room

Do you want to create a special and trendy atmosphere in your bedroom, but you don’t want to have to change the decor every 6 months as soon as fashion has changed? And if you bet on an element of decoration downright timeless and 100% timeless … like plants for example?

To give a nice, natural and authentic note in a bedroom, bet on a dominant color (here gray), and let your plants do the rest (be it climbing plantsdried flowers, plants in a pot … or golden XXL cactus leaves, hanging on the wall!).

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