4 mood ideas by color for the nursery in 2020

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Don’t forget the importance of the chosen color!

The first question we ask ourselves when decorating the bedroom of the future baby is color. Since this space will be dedicated to rest, we banish energetic tones, we give way to pastel shades, promising optimal sleep, with which we gladly associate an atmospheric theme to sublimate them. Here are some decor ideas highlighting the 4 most popular colors for the baby’s room. Get inspired

The baby room must be a real haven of peace. In the first months of his life, he must indeed sleep a lot and be reassured when he finds himself alone in his room. The choice of colors is therefore essential. Among the colors acclaimed for this room in the house, 4 stands out from the crowd: blue, peach, pink and green. Colors are avoided from using bright colors, except with small touches, on decorative objects for example posters, night lights, lights, etc … 

Do not hesitate to mix the genres, by daring a blue paint for a little girl’s room or by distilling a little peach or rose in a Scandinavian room. Nowadays, baby rooms are less and less gendered

A starry blue or navy blue room

The main virtue of blue, the color of serenity and rest, is to calm the mind and promote sleep. Properties that have earned it the popularity of the newborn bedroom.

To push the calm and reassuring side of this privileged space even further, the walls are blue, either a starry sky or an ocean of well-being. A suspension of clouds, stickers of birds or planes, a frieze covered with phosphorescent stars: here are the elements of a spatial decoration, head in the air. As for the marine decor, it is the fish, starfish, and wave shapes that set the tone.

A peach savannah spirit

In the toddler’s bedroom, tonic shades are to be avoided: but if you say no to bright orange, you can, however, allow yourself the peach color, much softer. Used in small touches (one or two painted walls, a frieze, or decorative accessories in this color), it will bring cheerfulness and good humor to space. And because it makes us think of the sun and the dry soil of Africa, we imagine a savannah decor, silhouettes of baobabs and stuffed animals, in suspensions, in patterns.

If you are gifted with your 10 fingers, do not hesitate to create a personalized frieze on the walls of the room. You can also opt for stickers in the shape of animals or trees, to create a real savannah spirit. 

You can also add these orange colors with a little touch in the bedroom if you prefer to keep a neutral, Scandinavian decor. 

Fairy atmosphere pale pink/lilac

For moms wishing to assert the feminine side in their daughters’ bedroom, there is pink or purple, provided they are chosen in cool, more restful tones, such as pale pink or lilac. We prefer in fact pastel shades, which are much softer than a Fuschia or an ultraviolet. 

To reveal the charm and tenderness of these colors, we associate them with a magical decoration: poetic patterns for linen and blinds (dancers, fairies, hearts …), a curtain covering the cradle in a princess style and light fixtures with a look whimsical in the shape of a rainbow or a flower. As a night light, you can install a pretty LED light chain. On the floor, a white faux fur carpet will complete the magical atmosphere of the room. 

Natural green space

In the chromatic circle, the color succeeding blue for its relaxing properties is green, therefore perfectly suited to the space of toddlers. In the decor, this shade embodying nature transports them to a haven of peace and well-being.

A feeling that can be intensified by betting on a natural setting: a mushroom lamp, a carpet of greenery, wooden furniture, or even tree and lawn adhesives. For furniture, choose wood. 

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