10 timeless color combinations for a bathroom in 2020 for inspiration!

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We color the bathroom with this decorative inspiration!

Personalize your bathroom with a little color! Adding colors to the decor of the bathroom is easy if you follow this guide … Discover 10 timeless color associations for the bathroom!

1. A beige and brown bathroom for a Zen atmosphere 

In this bathroom, the brown color of the wood is combined with a very bright light beige. The mixture of brown and ecru are among the most common color associations in the bathroom. Why? Because they are able to create a Zen and soothing decoration! 

2. A Scandinavian bathroom with gray and white

With the tiling, you can do everything … The proof with this bathroom whose wall and floor covering gray and white decorate the whole room. If you like Scandinavian bathrooms, this colorful combination is made for you!

3. A seaside spirit in the pond with the timeless association between blue and white

Not only do blue and white match perfectly, but they are also a very famous mixture, often installed in the pond. This is why blue and white have become a mixture of timeless and timeless colors for the bathroom.

4. A black & white bathroom for a modern touch

The black & white look suits any room in the house. Indeed, by mixing black and white, you get a modern bathroom. The combination of these neutral colors is perfect if you lack inspiration or if you want to play with contrasts and graphics.

5. A beige and white bathroom to stay classic

Do you prefer to furnish a classic bathroom? In this case, you can combine beige and white to obtain authentic and bright decoration! It is ideal for rooms that are blind or lack natural light.

6. A mixture of gray and black for an industrial bathroom

Furnishing an industrial and modern decoration is possible with the use of black and gray. You can diffuse an industrial charm in the bathroom by opting for a timeless association between gray and black!

7. An orange and white bathroom for a vitamin decoration

The bathroom does not have to have a neutral look, you can also choose a daring combination of colors … Precisely, orange and white mix in the pond to dress it with a vitamin decoration. Ideal to start the day in a good mood!

8. A combination of green and white for a natural bathroom

Nature invites itself into the heart of the bathroom thanks to the mixture of green and white. White uses its diffusing power to illuminate green. Green, on the other hand, uses its wide range of shades to evoke a vegetable atmosphere

9. A surprising bathroom thanks to the mix between pink and gray

Do you want to splurge in the bathroom? Gray and pink seem to be perfect for composing a colorful and dynamic pond! Do not hesitate to play with nuances to obtain a tailor-made style …

10. A romantic bathroom with red and ecru color 

An ecru bathroom with red notes is daring and seduces with its romantic style. At first glance, it may seem surprising, but in reality, it gives life to a sensual and soft bathroom. 

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