10 inspirations for a bohemian-style bathroom: 10 ideas to sting absolutely!

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10 inspirations for a bohemian-style bathroom

The bohemian decor is inspired by nature and distant lands. She likes to make fun of codes and makes well-being a priority. Discover our most beautiful inspirations to infuse a bohemian atmosphere in your bathroom with these 10 decor ideas to steal absolutely!

1. A freestanding bathtub

Impossible to imagine a bohemian bathroom with a bathtub with clean lines. Conversely, a vintage freestanding bathtub like a lion’s foot bathtub is ideal for giving a boho-chic air to your bathroom. And if the latter is colorful, it’s even better!

2. Plants galore

Bohemian decor likes to take inspiration from nature. This is why we recommend that you multiply the plants in your bathroom. In the miniature version on shelves, in pots on the ground or hanging … Plants in the bohemian decor, it’s like chocolate, there is never enough!

3. A bath sky

If you want to inject a bohemian spirit into your bathroom and do so without much effort, bet on the bath sky! In the same way as a canopy, it brings softness and poetry and perfectly enhances the bathtub! Place candles here and there for a most romantic atmosphere…

4. A pompom rug

Rather than buying an ordinary bath mat for your bohemian bathroom, fall for a carpet with character! We set our sights on this model with graphic patterns and adorned with adorable pompoms.

5. A sofa

Bohemian interiors don’t care about conventions! See the big picture and give your bathroom a relaxed air by installing a cozy sofa. What makes it a living room in its own right where relaxation reigns supreme!

6. A macramé suspension

To showcase your favorite hanging plants, opt for a macrame pendant! A flagship design creation of the bohemian style, macramé brings a cozy touch to the bathroom. The good news? It’s super easy to do yourself! So what are you waiting for?

7. A ladder as a towel rack

When you love the bohemian decor, you are never against object misappropriation. Hang your towels with an old wooden ladder for a rustic bohemian look or bamboo for a bohemian and tropical decor… We also like the idea of ​​using an articulated hand to store your jewelry…

8. A screen

Nothing is more effective than a screen to give a more intimate atmosphere to the bathroom. It is also a great accessory for parental bedrooms. Indeed, the screen allows delimiting the spaces of an open room while retaining the cozy character of the bohemian style!

9. Hanging shelves

In the same way, as for macrame suspensions, the shelves of a bohemian bathroom take off. Inspired by swings, the hanging shelves allow an aerial decoration, atypical and practical! Install one near the sink to store some accessories and another near the water area to have your shower products always available!

10. Vegetable fiber baskets

For storing clean towels, dirty linen, or beauty products, as a planter for a plant or even as a trash can … There is always a use for storage baskets! That’s good, they are the best friends of bohemian decor! 

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