How to make a designer bathroom in 2020?

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Enhance your bathroom or powder room

Simple lines, clean and minimalist style: here are all the codes of an elegant, contemporary, and design bathroom in 5 tips.

Tip 1: trust white 

If you want a nice designer bathroom at home but you hesitate when choosing the paint color, know that white is an ideal color for a designer bathroom! 

Indeed, in addition to being elegant and easy to match, white is a timeless color which you will never tire of … even after a few years, whatever the tone for which you have opted. And as it is a very soft and very chic color, it will allow you to subtly sublimate the decorative elements of your bathroom

Tip 2: avoid multiplying materials

design bathroom is above all a bathroom that must be harmonious. To avoid tiring your eyes and creating a visual cacophony, there is, therefore, a simple rule: try to maintain a unit of materials from floor to ceiling in your room.

This will make your room more pleasant, and make you feel like you are in a real little cocoon. To bring a little originality, do not hesitate to bring contrast with your furniture or your decoration: a black vanity unit which will underline the whiteness of the floor and the white marble walls for example.

Tip 3: opt for discreet furniture

Clearly “designer bathroom” and “superfluous” are two words that do not go well together! Always in a spirit of harmony, no question therefore of cluttering your designer bathroom with shelves and furniture of all kinds on which you would inexorably end up piling up a whole bunch of useless objects.

Go to the basics: a bathtub or a shower, and elegant and discreet storage furniture. Namely: invisible cupboards and drawers (or almost), without handles, which open thanks to a magnetic pressure system. Thus, your creams and lotions are perfectly arranged, and nothing comes to disturb your look in the room.

Tip 4: think “symmetry”

To give a designer look to your bathroom, there is a simple trick: play with the lines to create asymmetry that will nicely structure your room. So don’t hesitate to install a double sink, and fix two identical mirrors above each of your sinks. You can obviously use any element of your furniture or decoration to personalize and structure your room: your mirrors, your lighting, your decorative objects like candles or frames … 

The good thing about this tip is that it is very simple to implement: even if you do not have very sharp tastes in decoration and if you do not necessarily have a lot of creativity to arrange your bathroom, it is very easy to play on symmetry: your room will gain in character and will sport a look that will look skilfully studied … clever!

Tip 5: don’t forget the lights

The design style is often criticized for being a little too cold or austere. Fortunately, to warm up a room with simple and clean lines, you can trust the lights! Whatever lighting style you choose (a ceiling lamp for direct lighting, or then small indirect lights on each side of the mirror?), Preferably use warm lighting to make your room cozier, and prove that it is possible to create a design bathroom and cocooning at the same time! 

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