US criticized Russian refusal to cooperate with UN through deconflicting system in #Syria

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Assumptions that US sanctions impede the delivery of humanitarian aid are “propaganda designed to divert attention from deceit” by the Syrian government, US Permanent Representative to the United Nations Kelly Kraft.

U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations Kelly Kraft criticized Russia’s decision to refuse to cooperate with the UN in Syria through a deconflicting system.

“Russia’s decision is completely unacceptable, it aims to create new obstacles to humanitarian assistance,” the diplomat said at a meeting of the Security Council on Monday. “We are shocked that Russia took such a dangerous step.” In her view, the assumption that US sanctions impeded the delivery of humanitarian aid is “propaganda designed to divert attention from the fraud” of the Syrian government.

Earlier Monday, UN Deputy Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Mark Laukok announced that Russia notified the UN on June 23 that it would “no longer participate in the humanitarian warning system that the UN and its humanitarian partners used to share information with the parties to the conflict.”

As Vasily Nebenzya, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN explained at the meeting, Moscow decided to withdraw from the UN system of deconflicting with Syria, since a number of objects called humanitarian were used by terrorists. The diplomat recalled that this mechanism acted on a voluntary basis and was not fixed by decisions of the Security Council or other legal grounds.


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