Finland will deport to the Russian Federation a training organizer whose clients committed suicide

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The founder of the Zeora nonprofit organization, Viktor Markelov, whose two clients committed suicide, will be deported from Finland to Russia, his lawyer Andrei Makarkin said.

“The Finnish authorities are acting inexplicably, deporting to Russia a person who has undergone clearly unreasonable repression here,” Makarkin wrote on social networks. According to him, Markelov is still in a deportation center in Finland, where he sought political asylum.

The lawyer fears that “the Russian authorities again had a chance to implement the practice of punitive psychiatry against Viktor Markelov.”

The founders of the non-profit organization Zeora, Olga Markelova, and her husband Viktor, were sent under house arrest in October 2017. Later Markelov fled to Germany and was put on the international wanted list.

In November 2018, a court in St. Petersburg sentenced Olga Markelov to a suspended sentence for the creation of a non-profit organization encroaching on the personality and rights of citizens. The woman pleaded guilty.

During the investigation, it was established that the Markelovs created the non-profit organization Zeora, the activity of which, as the investigation considered, was associated with violence against people. They conducted personal growth training on the LifeSpring system, in which, according to the investigation, “there are signs of a psychological effect on a person that can cause harm to health.” Two training participants committed suicide. The training center “Zeora” was closed by court order.


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